How to Apply Online for Commerzbank Account – English Instructions

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Commerzbank is one of the biggest banks in Germany and one of the few banks with provides an English service in Germany with an English Online banking interface. In addition, new customers also get a joining bonus of cash.

Brief Application Process

How to Open A Commerzbank Account

Below is a step by step instruction guide to open a Commerzbank checking account online which English translation and detailed screenshots.


    Open the online application form from the link provided here.

    Click on the button “Kostenloses Girokonto eröffnen” to provide a list of option, now click on the second option as shown below.

  2. Enter Applicant Details

    Fill the application form with details of the applicant.

    Commerzbank Application Process step

  3. Enter Contact Details

    Provide the Contact Address details. Screenshot of the webpage with an English translation is provided below.

  4. Commerzbank Application Process step 3 - Monthly income and expence Commerzbank application process

  5. Select Overdraft Credit Facility Limit

    Overdraft allows you to get a credit on your account. But this is only provided if you have a good credit score. Do not select this option as it is very likely that newcomers to Germany do not have good credit and are refused a bank account with an Overdraft facility.

  6. Voluntary Consent for Interest

    Although this is voluntary if you want a joining bonus you have to consent to make available your data. SCHUFA is transmitted mandatorily.Commerzbank Consent Voluntary

  7. Agree to the terms and conditions

    Check on appropriate boxes to agree to the terms and conditions.

    Note that the account statement is not sent via post (this incurs charges) and can be printed out from a self-service terminal in the bank branches or received on to your online mailbox in your bank account login.

  8. Verify the details

    Check if the details you entered are correct. If not, go Back (Zurück) and change the required details.

    If all the details are correct click Next (weiter) to submit the application and generate the filled-up PDF-application.

  9. Print the Application

    Download the completed application form and print them.

    If you were unable to print it, you can also request the completed application form to be sent by post.

  10. Verify your Identity

    You can verify your identity using PostIdent or walk go to a Commerzbank branch.

    If you are using the branch, make sure to go to one which is closest to your residence, and make an appointment.

    If you are using PostIdent, make sure to take all the documents, including the PostIdent Voucher. Click here to learn about how to do PostIdent.

Verify Identity at the Bank Branch

One of the important benefit of opening the Bank account with Commerzbank is that Identification process can be done using bank branch and without having to go to a PostOffice.

Identification verification using the bank branch is useful for applicants from countries whose documents are not accepted by VideoIdent or PostIdent.

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    Will you please tell me how I can open an account at Commerzbank in the US where I live.
    I have business partners in Germany that already bank with Commerzbank in Germany.

    Is there an option for me to open an Commerzbank US online account? Please Advise!

    • Are you translating the webpage to English, maybe using Google Chrome? Do not translate the website to English. It changes the formatting and brings up the error.

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