Prepaid Credit Cards for bad credit score

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Looking for a Credit Card in Germany but have been refused? You might either be new without a Schufa record or you have a negative Schufa Score (bad Credit Score in Germany)? Have you been refused German Credit Card for having a bad Credit score or are you new in Germany and looking for a Credit card without having a Credit report? You need to look for Credit cards for bad credit score.

Good news, you can apply for a Prepaid Credit Card without any credit check performed Schufa. Completely independent of personal financial circumstances, it allows everyone to enjoy a Credit cards for bad credit score, because these credit cards are free of Schufa checks and therefore can be obtained even with no Schufa record or a bad Credit score (negative Schufa record).

Why do we need prepaid credit cards?

Convenient book flights online. Easily pay abroad. A credit card offers numerous advantages. However, people with low or irregular incomes or those with a bad credit score often find it difficult to  get a credit card. For them there is a solution: The prepaid credit card  without Schufa credit bureau information provided by various banks. Therefore pupils, students, job seekers or professionals benefit from the prepaid credit card without Schufa report

What is a Prepaid Visa credit card?

A prepaid Visa card works as a prepaid phone.In order to pay with it, you must have already transferred your balance on the card account. It is basically a reloadable debit card. A prepaid credit card offers the advantages of a traditional credit card, but with greater security and flexibility. You can also get this credit card despite having a bad entry in Schufa credit bureau.

Who can get the credit card without Schufa report?

Anyone can get this Credit cards for bad credit score. If you are above the age of 18 can apply for the prepaid credit card. The biggest bonus is that you get this credit card schufa-free and without performing a credit check. You can apply for your prepaid card easily on the internet. Once you get your new  prepaid card, you only need to charge it and it is ready to be used. Therefore, anyone can get a prepaid Credit cards for bad credit score even if you have a credit bureau (Schufa) entry, because you get the credit card with no credit bureau request.

At a glance: The pros and cons of a prepaid credit card


  • Prepaid credit cards are offered without a credit check. Thus, they are also available for consumers with negative credit bureau records.
  • Many prepaid cards are also available for children and adolescents.
  • For Freelancers and self-employed who are sometimes rejected for traditional credit cards, a prepaid credit card here is the best alternative.
  • Complete cost control: You can only spend the money that you have previously loaded onto the prepaid account.
  • Three prepaid provider (Fidor, Kalixa and Wüstenrot) offer their cards without basic charges.
  • Some providers pay interest on the balance on the credit card.


  • A prepaid credit card must always be charged before use with credits. This is usually done with a wire transfer.
  • In some places, prepaid credit cards may not accepted, eg for Car Rental.

Best Prepaid Credit cards in Germany

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Banks that provide Prepaid Credit cards

Provider Annual fee Features For More Details
 Kalixa Pay    €0.00
  • No subscription charges
  • One time activation fee € 9.95
  • No Withdrawal fees
 More information on Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard
Prepaid Services Company 
Yuna Card Charges Notice
€ 24.50
  • Charging by Cash-Ticket possible
  • Queried account balance by SMS
  • Also available Virtual Credit Card
 Apply here for YUNA Mastercard
Landesbank Berlin 
LBB Prepaid Credit Card
€ 39.00
  • Private desired design
  • Up to 1.25% credit interest rate
  • Unlimited charging
 Apply here for LBB Prepaid VISA Credit Card
Global Mastercard Premium
€ 68.00
  • Card with checking account function
  • Can also be used as a P-Account
 Apply here for MeineGiroKarte Prepaid Mastercard
Suprema Card
€ 79.00
  • Card with checking account function
  • Can also be used as a P-Account
 Apply here for Suprema Prepaid Mastercard

1.  LBB bank provides a Prepaid VISA credit card without credit check (Shufa Check) for anyone above 18 years old. Apply here for LBB Prepaid VISA Credit Card

2.  LBB bank provides a Youth Prepaid VISA card for teens younger than 18 years. Apply here fore LLB Prepaid Youth Card

3.  YUNA Card – Prepaid MasterCard Credit Card or Virtual Credit Card without credit checks (Shufa Check) or proof of income. Apply here for YUNA Mastercard

4. Prepaid Master Card with Bank account without credit checks. Check out MeineGiroKarte Prepaid Mastercard or Suprema Prepaid Mastercard

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