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ING DiBa checking account

All terms at a glance

Account management:
Cost: 0 € a month
Current bonus offer:
EC-/Maestro: yes, free
Credit Card: VISA free
Credit interest daily allowance: 1.00% pa
Borrowing rate credit facility: 8.50% pa
Banking options: Online / Telephone
Free Cash:  
Germany: 90% of all ATMs
Abroad: € uro in all countries

ING DiBa Bank

Many bank customers in Germany have now gone over to run their checking account exclusively online. This increases the flexibility of the one part and on the other hand independently of rigid bank opening times. This saves time and money. Can save yourself even more money when consumers handle the account management where them a free checking account is provided.These providers on the German market, ING-DiBa heard. Behind the ING DiBa stuck forty years’ experience of an innovative company that focuses primarily on private clients. ING-DiBa company ranks among the few vendors whose financial products are transparent and their conditions are permanently low.

According to surveys popular bank in Germany for 5 years

Germany's Best BankNot only do we believe in the free checking account from ING-DiBa. ING DiBa has for the fifth time in a row won the category of “Popular Bank” in the survey conducted by the business magazine euros (Issue 05/2007-2012). About 130,000 customers surveyed were convinced with the attractive conditions and the handling of customer requests by ING DiBa bank. Also Stiftung Warentest certified financial test (issue 9/2011) notes that the current account or checking account of the ING DiBa offers a free banking without conditions. ING-DiBa is a subsidiary of the Dutch ING Group and has its German headquarters in Frankfurt. ING-DiBa far more than 6.5 million customers. Thus, both in Germany and Europe is the largest direct bank without its own network of branches. In Germany alone, ING-DiBa has nearly 1,000 of its own ATMs. In addition, however, is with the credit card included with the checking account, withdrawing money at home and abroad is also free of charge.

Free conditions and without financial test

The advantages at a glance:

  • Free account management without conditions
  • No minimum cash receipt
  • Includes free-Maestro EC card
  • Free Visa card
  • Free cash withdraw
  • Free Travel Cash
  • Free on request the partner add on cards
  • Establishment of a credit facility is currently only available with 8.50 percent interest rate (variable borrowing rate) per annum on each credit taken

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18 thoughts on “ING DiBa”

  1. hello! i need information. how i can open an blocked student account… please.. online.. from Guatemala.. i need for mi studies.. ., and how long it takes? is urgent.. thanks.

  2. Hello i am a international student from Vanezuela, I have been admited in Franfurt University , in order to apply for a student visa I need to open a STUDENT BLOCKED ACCOUNT in Germany, please provide information (in english if possible) in order to proceed to open one, Fyi I do not live in Germany so all paper work (if possible) will have to be done remotedly.

    Adriana Paredes

  3. Adriana,i think international students use only Deutsche Bank for that.go to the emberssy in your country,the will help you do that.

  4. Hi,

    How to open a salary account outside Deutschland ? Am shifting to Germany in a months time,

    joining process requires a salary account to be opened. As i understood from my employer that to open an account when i am in Deutschland the Credit Union’s approval is required.

    When i am in my native land , is there a way to open an account with ING DiBa ?

    Any help would be appreciated.


  5. Question:
    What information is required in order to register a “KUNDEN-ID” with your bank, as per your mailed communication of 20 Nov. 2017?

    Please mail your reply to the below e-mail address.

  6. How is it possible an error like….. trying to make a bank transfer from Germany to FRANCE and the site choses itself USD instead of EUROS and you can’t even change…
    The worst…. it the amount charged for an international transfer….

    a SHAME!!!

  7. If you don’t speak proper German, do yourself a favor and don’t open an account here. Their policy is to not take any inquiry at all in English, not verbal, not written…just saying.

  8. Dears,

    I have a ING Diba account and I thought I could withdraw cash for free at the Sparkasse ATMs when I withdraw at least EUR 50,-

    I tried at multiple ATMs but everything an extra fee is charged.

    Does anybody here know what the problem is?

    Thank you!

  9. Hi,
    What will be the bank charges for foreign TT for example $10000.00 USD monthly ,provided the Transfer charges paid by the sending bank.

  10. Hello

    I would like to open an Account for my mother, who lives in Africa
    That she could use visa Card to withdraw monthly an amount.

    The Western Union is not Update with the daily euro-exchange, it feels that they cheating on the market.
    Is it Possible that my mom can occur an online banking?
    Thank you very much for your help or advice
    (Sorry for my englisch Language)

    Best Regards

  11. Dear Sir, Dear Madam,
    We are in the process of setting up a new company in Germany and are looking for an ERP system and a bank. Our preference goes out to the ERP system, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and we are looking for a bank that has a bridge with AMC Banking 365. Can you please confirm that ING bank supports this ERP system application?
    Many thanks for your fast reply on this!
    Kind regards,


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