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Planning to study in Germany or want a blue card Job-seeking Visa, then you might have heard about the need to open a blocked account, also called Sperrkonto, which is a Geman-blocked account for International students.

There are different types of bank accounts in Germany  Girokonto (current account), Sperrkonto (blocked account) and Sparkonto (savings account). For a student in Germany, you need the Sperrkonto – blocked account for a Visa and a Girokonto for daily use. For information about normal Girokonto for student current accounts, please check best bank accounts for students and trainees in Germany.

This article is a complete guide to all the information you need to know about a blocked account in Germany. Compare between different blocked account providers and the steps you need to take when opening a blocked account.

Basics of Blocked account

What is a blocked account?

A blocked account (Sperrkonto) is a special account for international students or Jobseekers, which is required to get a German Visa as proof for sufficient funds. It is called a blocked account because the money in the account is blocked and you can only withdraw a fixed sum each month.

So, if you are a foreign national (non-EU or non-OECD country) applying for a student Visa or a Blue Card Jobseeker Visa, chances are you might be required to open a blocked account.

The student should be required to prove sufficient funds for their study duration in Germany.  From January 1, 2023, you will need to open an account and deposit an amount of €11,208 for a complete year, and you are allowed to withdraw a fixed sum each month (€934). This process is to ensure that the student has enough funds to meet the living costs of the student while studying in Germany.

If you are studying for a shorter period and need a blocked account for a German language course or Jobseeker Visa, then you need €853 times the number of months.

Earlier some embassy/consulate asked the student to take a demand draft, but this practice has mostly ended. Now the students are required to open a blocked account from the home country prior to applying for the Visa.

Who needs a blocked account?

Students applying for a student’s Visa or a Blue Card Jobseeker Visa need a German Blocked account. Blocked account as it only one of the ways to show proof of funds. The alternatives to requiring a blocked account are:

  • A family member living in Germany who can sponsor you.
  • Scholarship document from a reputed government or Educational institution (e.g., DAAD, Max Planck) which also pays your living expenses.
  • A signed undertaking from a German citizen living in Germany who can support you.

For scholarship holders, normally, providing the confirmation of scholarship is adequate. But if your scholarship does not pay your living expenses or only a partial scholarship, then you might need to provide proof for the rest of your expenses.

For others, if you a foreign national (non-EU or non-OECD country) planning to study in Germany, or applying for a Blue Card Jobseeker Visa, you might need to open a German blocked account.

When to open a blocked account?

Depending on which country you are from, you might be required to open a blocked account even before you arrive in Germany. In such a case, it is recommended to open as soon as you have decided on your university to make sure you get a Visa appointment on time.

For example, citizens from countries like Indian, Pakistan, China, etc, who do not have visa-free entry to Germany would be required to open an account before coming to Germany to get your Visa.

Some nationals who can visit Visa-free to Germany can arrive in Germany and then open a blocked account once you are in Germany.

On the other hand, citizens from Australia, USA, Canada, etc., who can visit Germany on a 90-day visa-free period can come to Germany and then open an account when in Germany. They can then convert their tourist visa to a student resident permit.

Which bank for a blocked account?

From abroad?

If you are not yet in Germany and you are required to open a blocked account from your home country before coming to Germany, there are not many options.

The options for Opening a blocked account are:

Other banks offer local services, e.g., Kotak Mahindra Bank for students from India, UBL bank for students in Pakistan

Already in Germany?

If you are opening a blocked account after arriving in Germany, you have many options. Most of the banks around the university will offer this service, otherwise, just ask your international student’s service centre at your university.

Some common banks such as Sparkasse, HypoVeriensbank, Volksbank, and Commerzbank provide blocked account, but it depends on the bank branches. Look for the branch near your university and visit them:

  • Hypoverienbank
  • Commerzbank
  • Postbank
  • Sparkasse offers blocked account service for students, but note that Sparkasse is a common name which is used by different regional banks. Each Sparkasse in different cities are different entities and act independent of each other, e.g., Sparkasse Achen is different from Sparkasse Berlin or Sparkasse Munich. Contact your local Sparkasse and ask them. You can find out more information about Sparkasse Blocked here.

Compare Fintiba vs Expatrio vs Coracle vs DeutscheBank

Which is the best blocked account for Germany: DeutscheBank, Fintiba, Expatrio or Coracle? Our summary is:

  1. Expatrio: Easy Process; cheapest option for Value package (blocked account+ travel/health insurance+bank account).
  2. Coracle: Easy Process; the cheapest option for only a blocked account.
  3. DeutscheBank: Complicated process; Most Expensive; but easier process once you get to Germany.
  4. Fintiba: Easy Process; less expensive but additional process required once you get to Germany.

We have been asked what is the best option for opening a German blocked account, Fintiba, Expatrio, Coracle or DeutscheBank. While all of them offer blocked account services, there are some differences between them. Here is a quick comparison table of the main features of the different blocked accounts, especially Fintiba vs Expatrio vs Coracle.

€89 (Setup Fees)
€4.90 (Monthly Fees)
€89 (Extension Fees)
Overall cost (for)
€64 (3 Months)
€79 (6 Months)
€109 (1 Year)
€218 (2 Years)

Until recently, only Deutsche bank provided blocked accounts for students in Germany. But new service providers such as Fintiba, Expatrio and Coracle, all now provide a similar product with a good service at a competitive. All three service providers are normally approved and accepted by the German consulates (e.g., India (PDF), Pakistan). However, check with your German Embassy prior to opening the account.

1. Additional Checking Account

As a foreign student in Germany, you will need a Sperrkonto (blocked account) to get your German student visa. But you will also need a normal account when in Germany called a Girokonto (current account) for your daily use in Germany. There are pros and cons to having both the account in the same bank. For example, having both the accounts in the same bank gives a simpler procedure for opening the Girokonto. This might be especially useful for newcomers, as you don’t have to worry about opening a new bank account when having to deal with other issues. However, you are limited to the same bank and can’t shop around for better bank services and benefits like a free credit card.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is one of the biggest banks in Germany. The application for a blocked account (Sperrkonto) comes together with a Girokonto (Checking Account). As a student, you will need both for living in Germany. You would need a checking account to do the regular transaction from your bank, like pay the rent, use ATM card etc. So you don’t have to worry about opening another account.


Expatrio now offers two types of packages. The normal blocked account package provides only a blocked account and no current account. To receive your monthly amount, you should open a separate bank account once arrive in Germany.  While this might take an additional effort once you come to Germany, you are free to open a bank account in any bank.

However, Expatrio also provides a new all-inclusive “VALUE PACKAGE” which provides all that you need as a student in Germany, including a free bank account. Learn more about Expatio VALUE PACKAGE


Fintiba provides a blocked account from Sutor Bank, which is a German government approved bank. However, there are very few branches of Sutor bank in Germany. So the chances are you might need to open a Girokonto (checking account) from another bank once you come to Germany. You will then have to inform Fintiba (Sutor Bank) of this new bank account (Girokonto) and they will transfer the monthly amount to that Girokonto account. While this might take an additional effort once you come to Germany, you are free to open a bank account in any bank. Click here to open a Fintiba account.


Coracle provides only a blocked account and you are required to open a current account (Girokonto) in any of the German banks of your choice. Many offer them for free for students. Commerzbank and Sparkasse are popular choices among students.

Tip: When you arrive in Germany, go to a bank nearest to your university (ask the International students centre) and open a Girokonto with them, as they have experience dealing with student bank accounts. Check out another bank account for students.

2. Ease of Opening/ Customer Service

It is also important to see how much time it takes to open the account as some students are in a hurry to get the visa before the university starts and would like to know how long it takes to open the blocked account to see if they can wait longer or want to open the account fast.

Deutsche Bank

Requires that you fill the form, print it, get it certified from German Embassy/consulate in your home country along with the other documents, and then send it to them to by post. So this will require some time. After they get your form and your deposit, they will send you the confirmation. While Deutsche Bank claims it takes about 1 week, a 4 to 6-week delay during the University admission periods are normal. Unfortunately, since you are not yet a customer, you will have to use the online contact form for making any queries and the response make take some time depending on the period.


The entire account opening process is online, and there is no need for getting any certified copy or sending them by post. The entire blocked account opening takes one week, and the blocking confirmation is issued automatically once the deposit is confirmed by the bank. It also provides very good customer service in English and German and prompt reply through email and phone calls. Once in Germany, you can legitimize through PostIdent, or for those who cannot use PostIdent an alternate method of verifying is using the branch offices of DAK insurance company in your city. Click here to open a Fintiba account.


Expatio also provides fast service and provides account opening confirmation within 24 hrs.  It also provides customer service in English, German, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and not just on phone or Email, they can also be contacted using other social media channels (e.g., WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Telegram). They do not require you to legitimize once in Germany and merely submitting your German bank account is enough. Check out the Expatio account


The complete process is online, and you will get a confirmation within 24hrs. Once the money is deposited, you will get a blocked account confirmation within 24 hours. Check out the coracle bank account.

So, if you have time to apply for a Visa, then you won’t mind the wait for opening a Deutschebank account. But if you are already under time pressure and have a short time then try Fintiba, Coracle or Expatrio.

3. Costs

Deutsche Bank

Account Opening Charges EUR 150. No Monthly charges for Bank account for Students. If you have to extend the blocked account for longer than the duration you mentioned in your form, then an additional EUR 150 applies each time you make a change.

However, there are additional charges not charged by the bank, such as EUR 20 for certification by the German Consulate and EUR 10 – 20 for Courier/Post.


Account Opening Charges are EUR 89 and a monthly charges of EUR 4.90 pm from the time a deposit is confirmed. The blocked account can only be opened for one year and every additional year costs EUR 89. You might be eligible for a EUR 110 cashback if you open a Fintiba Plus account (blocked account + health insurance), more on this below.  Click here to open a Fintiba account


The account opening charges are €49, and the monthly charges are EUR 5 pm for an Expatrio blocked the account. However, if you opt for a Value Package (with health insurance), the opening charges are waived with code FREEBA19. Check out the Expatio account.


Coracle provides the cheapest option if you are going for a pure blocked account option with a one time cost of €99, and no monthly charges to maintain the bank account. Check out the coracle account.

Here is a rough comparison of how much a Deutsche Bank Blocked account, Fintiba Blocked account or Expatrio blocked account would cost for a 3-month German course, 6-month Job search Visa, or a 1 or 2-year university program. In this calculation, only the basic blocked account package is included, and cashback or coupon codes are not included.

Set-Up Fees€99€49€89
Monthly Fees€0€5€4.9
Extension Fees€60€49€89

* Deutsche Bank cost depends on if you have made a blocked account for two years from the start, or first for one year and then extended it to the second year.

** Cashback not included in the calculation.  Fintiba charges a monthly fee from the time money is deposited into the account. Calculations do not include monthly charges incurred between the duration of deposit to arriving in Germany.

+ Expatrio Value Package


€99 (Setup Fees)
€0 (Monthly Fees)
€60 (Extension Fees)
Overall cost (for)
€99 (3 Months)
€99 (6 Months)
€99 (1 Year)
€159 (2 Years)


€49 (Setup Fees)
€5 (Monthly Fees)
€49 (Extension Fees)
Overall cost (for)
€64 (3 Months)
€79 (6 Months)
€109 (1 Year)
€218 (2 Years)


€89 (Setup Fees)
€4.90 (Monthly Fees)
€89 (Extension Fees)
Overall cost (for)
€64 (3 Months)
€79 (6 Months)
€109 (1 Year)
€218 (2 Years)

4. Health Insurance

All residents in Germany are mandated by law to have proper government-approved health insurance.  Therefore, once you arrive in Germany, you will be required to get health insurance to extend your temporary visa to a residence permit.  There are public health insurance (also called statutory health insurance) or a private health insurance. If you are a student under 30, you will qualify for a public health insurance. Health insurance is a vast topic in itself, but the main difference between public and private health insurance is: public insurance is cashless. This means the public insurance company will directly pay the doctor/hospital, but under private insurance, you have to pay the doctor and then claim from the insurance company.

You might also be required to have proper travel insurance (also called incoming insurance) which provides temporary insurance for the duration between you arrive in Germany and until you get your German health insurance after enrolment in the university. Even if you are not required by the German Embassy to have one, travel insurance is always recommended.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank does not provide service for health insurance. So you are supposed to get travel insurance before leaving and a proper health insurance one yourself once you arrive in Germany.


Fintiba provides a package called Fintiba Plus which also provides insurance. Currently, they offer a €110 cashback if you use Fintiba plus service and qualify for public insurance. With Fintiba plus, you will get a blocked account + health insurance + travel insurance.  The health insurance is provided by DAK (public insurance) or MAWISTA (private insurance), depending on which you qualify. Click here to open a Fintiba account


Expatrio’s VALUE PACKAGE provides all that you need for relocation as a student, which including a blocked account + free bank account with MONESE + temporary insurance + German health insurance. The health insurance is provided by TK (public insurance) or EDUCARE (private insurance). Check out the Expatio account


With Coracle you can apply for the Health Insurance independent from the Blocked Account or, within the 3-in-1 PRIME offer you receive the Blocked Account + free Incoming Travel Insurance + a Public Health Insurance of your choice.

In both cases, you only pay the student tariff and no fees to Coracle. Also, in both cases, you are always free to choose the insurance company you prefer. Coracle offers a brief comparison between TK, Barmer and IKK on their homepage. If you prefer a different health insurer, you can write the customer support team to take care of it. Check out the coracle account.

Compare Blocked Account Opening Process

Each blocked account provider has a slightly different process for account opening and activation process as explained below:


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How to Open a Fintiba Blocked Account

To fully use the Fintiba bank account, you can apply for the bank account, and once you reach Germany, you will have to activate it in order to access funds from your blocked account.

The two below figures illustrates the process for Fintiba blocked account opening in your home country and the process activating the account when arriving in Germany.

Opening Process in your home country:

Click here for Fintiba Website

Steps to open a Fintiba Blocked account
Steps to open a Fintiba Blocked account

Fintiba Account Activating Process in Germany

Fintiba blocked account steps
Steps after you open Fintiba blocked account

Click here to apply to Fintiba

How to apply for Expatrio Blocked Account

Click here to apply for Expatrio Blocked Account

How to apply for Deutsche bank Blocked Account

For applying with Deutsche Bank, here are the steps:

  • Step 1 : Download the application form from the Deutsche-bank website.  Make sure to download the appropriate form based on your age.
  • Step 2: Fill the online application form electronically and print them out. Sign the application form and take a copy.
  • Step 3: Take the original signed application form along with a copy of the passport and the acceptance letter from the German University to the German Embassy/Consulate where you are applying for the Visa. The embassy will then certify your signature, the application form and other documents.
  • Step 4: Send the certified and attested application forms along with the documents to Deutsche bank in Germany.

Deutsche Bank Privat und Geschäftskunden AG Service Center Hamburg / Ausländische Studenten

Alter Wall 53 20457 Hamburg


Transferring money to the student blocked account (Sperrkonto) in Deutsche Bank

  • Step 1: Deutsche bank will then send you an email with your new account number of the blocked account (Sperrkonto) and IBAN code. Use these details to transfer the money from your bank account in your country to the new blocked Deutsche bank account. Make sure that enough money is transferred to take into account the € 150 administration fee (as of Aug. 2018) charged by Deutsche bank for this service.
  • Step 2: The bank will then provide you with a document confirming credit of your account with the necessary mandatory minimum amount as required by the Embassy/Consulate. Use this document while submitting your visa application at the German Embassy in your country.

Activating the DeutscheBank student blocked account (Sperrkonto) in Germany

  • Once you’re in Germany visit a Deutsche bank branch nearest you with all the available documents and request the staff to complete this service order and activate the blocked account (Sperrkonto).
  • You will need to provide your local address while providing the service order to activate your account. Therefore, you may need to register your address with the city administration and have a copy of the registration (Anmeldung) with you.  Make sure to take your passport and along with the letter from the consulate with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best options to transfer money to German Blocked account?

So now you have opened a blocked account either using Fintiba or Deutschebank, you will need to transfer money to the bank account. The easiest way is to ask your bank to do a Swift money transfer. This will be costly as not only the transfer fees are involved you will also get an unfavourable exchange rate. But using this is normally fast and easy option.

You can also use money transfer portals. Transferwise is one of the recommended services which is well known and reliable services which offers a cheaper transfer.

Normally you can have anyone, such as your family or loan bank, transfer to the blocked account. But the person from whose account it is transferred will also have to provide their details, usually to meet anti-money laundering laws in Germany and your home country.

How to open Blocked account for students from Iran and Syria?

Unfortunately, since Germany has put financial sanctions on certain countries (Sudan, Syria, Iran and North Korea), German banks are not allowed to open an account for citizens from these countries. Sadly, this is also affecting students who wish to study here and open students blocked the account.

Fintiba allows students from Syria and Sudan to open an account. Iranian passport holders not residing in Iran can also open a blocked account with Fintiba.

For other Iranian students, here are the options. An article in the German magazine Zeit magazine (in German)  discusses the problems faced by a Syrian student to open a students account. The reporter in the article contacted some banks and found that it is possible for a student from Syria (or Iran)  to open a blocked account (sperrkonto) in the local Sparkasse bank or Volksbank in the city where you wish to study. Sparkasse banks were the state-run banks which are now privatized, however, each city sparkasse is different from the other and there is no central head office. So you will have to contact the local sparkasse bank in the city of the university in order to open the account. Volksbanks is the co-operative banks which are service oriented banks and also allow opening the bank account for students from Iran and Syria. However, there has been a problem since some of these banks do not open an account when you are not in Germany and refuse to open a bank account when you are still in Iran or Syria, as it was witnessed by some students.

To overcome this problem, the FAQ (in German) in Study-in-Germany  – The link has been removed by the website so a web-archive link is provided- (official German government website for studying in Germany) provides the following solution (translated to English from German).

Q : I'm from Iran and I have been admitted to a master's degree in Germany. However, because of sanctions against Iranian it is not possible to set up a blocked account (Sperrkonnto) with a German bank, and transfer money from Iran. Is there an alternative way to still get a students visa? Can a student, for example, bring the money in a cash? A. Yes, for Iranian citizens, it is possible to bring the money in cash upon entry, as long as the total does not exceed EUR 10,000.

According to the above answer, it says that an Iranian student (or student from Syria, Sudan or North Korea) may be able to bring up to €10,000 (Ten thousand Euros) in cash when they come to Germany (on a 3 month Visa). This cash can be deposited to a bank in Germany, in the city where you are going to study, and then open a student blocked account. Once you get the students blocked account, you can apply for extending the Students Visa in Germany. As already informed, this information though available in a German government aided website, is not certain and the information from the embassy in Iran or Syria is the final. I would like to hear from students who have been successful in opening such an account so that I can update this page and can help other students also.

Updated information: Some embassies were not accepting this. So here is a legal source of such information. The requirements for getting a Student Visa as published by the German Embassy at Tehran (PDF document).

In page two it says

“ein Finanzierungsnachweis zu Ihrem Studienaufenthalt in Deutschland, wie z.B.einen Nachweis über den Gegenwert von mindestens 7.908,- € *Bankguthaben in Iran (Sie sind verpflichtet, diesen Euro-Betrag in bar bei der Einreise mit sich zu führen, um in Deutschland ein Sperrkonto einzurichten, bitte beachten Sie bei der Einfuhr von Barmitteln die Zollvorschriften der Europäischen Gemeinschaft, nähere Informationen zu diesem Thema finden Sie in der Rubrik Rechts- und Konsularangelegenheiten >Zollvorschriften > Anmeldepflicht für Barmittel von 10.000,- Euro oder mehr bei Reisen in oder aus der Europäischen Union)”

Roughly translated it means,

“A proof of financing for your studies in Germany, such as proof of the equivalent of at least 7,908, € as cash in a bank in Iran (You are obliged to take this Euro amount in cash when entering and with it set up a blocked account in Germany. Please note the limit on imports of cash the customs rules of the European Community, further information on this topic can be found in section “Rechts- und Konsularangelegenheiten” …notification for Cash of 10.000, – Euro or more when traveling to or from the European Union).”

So it is clear that you just need to show proof that you have the money, you can then take it as cash and open a bank account when you arrive in Germany. Please note, this is applicable only for citizens of countries (e.g. Iran, Syria, North Korea, South Sudan) who cannot open a bank account in Germany due to sanctions.

What is the Blocked account amount for 2023?

From 1 January 2023, the blocked account amount for Germany is 11,208 euros. Note that there might be other administrative costs for opening the bank account.

How long does it take to open a blocked account?

It depends on the bank. For Fintiba, Coracle and Expatrio it takes less than a week. Deutschebank take about 3 to 5 weeks to open a blocked account

Is there an expedited process of opening a blocked account?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make the process of opening the blocked account faster. If you do not receive your blocked account confirmation within the promised time, you can write to them asking to speed up the process.

How to close a blocked account?

If you have already opened a blocked account, you can only close it with an official confirmation. For example, a letter from your Embassy that your Visa is rejected, or if the local Foreign office (in the German city) gives you a letter stating you don’t have to maintain a blocked account

What happens to my money if my German student visa application is rejected?

Don’t worry, you can close your blocked account and get the money back to your account if your visa is rejected by the German embassy.
Contact the bank and inform them that your visa was rejected and they will close the account and refund your deposit (minus transfer and opening costs) back into the bank you used to transfer your deposit.

Is my blocked account safe?

Yes, your money in the blocked account is safe. All German banks are part of the Deposit Protection scheme which guarantees all your deposits up to €100,000.

What to do if my bank does not offer blocked account?

Not all bank branches provide the service, so you will have to check different branches. Try these options:
1. Go to a bank branch close to the university. Usually, they will have more international students and will provide blocked account service.
2. Visit the International Students office of the University. The student advisers will be able to recommend the bank branch to you.
3. Visit the Students Visa office at Rathaus (Auslanderbüro) and ask them, they will know which bank provides such a service. Sometimes they also give you an official letter instructing banks to allow you to open a saving account and physically put a limit on it. The bank then does that and will complete the form so you can use that as proof of blocked account. This used to be an old process (before 2010), but maybe some still use it.
4. You can always open blocked account online through one of the above services (e.g., Fintiba, X-patrio or Coracle)

Cost for Monthly transfer from blocked account to Checking account (Girokonto)

Monthly transfer from blocked account to Checking account (Girokonto) is free.

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    • Depends. Some banks may require you to get an official letter (from the embassy) stating that you are required to open such a bank account. While some banks may very well accept your application if you have deposited the necessary funds. However, an letter of admittance from the university will most likely be required from the banks. It is better to talk to the bank to confirm what is their requirement. Good Luck

  1. Dear Admin,
    Thank for providing such a comprehensive explanation. I need to open a blocked account in Germany so that I can apply for visa. However, since my nationality is in the list of countries that DB can not offer them bank account, I could not open bank account there. I am wondering if any other banks in Germany offer such a service for students while they are not still residence of Germany. If so, would you please put some information as I could not find any promising information on net. Many thanks in advance

    • Hi Mohammad,

      Thank you for your feedback. I answered Carina above which is also relevant for you. In short Sparkasse or Volksbank from the city you wish to study in should be able to help you.

      Good luck

  2. Hi, do you know any German banks who open blocked accounts for students from Iran? Deutsche Bank doesn’t do it. Thank you ver much!

    • Hi Carina,

      Unfortunately since Germany has put sanctions on certain countries (Sudan, Syria, Iran and North Korea), German banks are not allowed to open account for citizens from these countries.

      Sadly, this is also affecting Iranian students who wish to study here and open a students blocked account. However, there may be some way around this. You can try local Sparkasse bank or Volksbank in the city where you wish to study. They should be able to help you with this. Sparkasse were the state run banks which are privatized now and Volksbanks is the co-operative banks.

      In the meanwhile check the article (in German) in Zeit magazine which discusses the problems faced by a Syrian student.

      Good luck

    • You are welcome.

      All Sparkasse banks are not under the same bank. Since each city has different Sparkasse and there is no single main bank, you will have to contact the bank in the city where you would want to open the bank account. They will give you the form and tell you how you can open the bank account.

      Good luck.

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    Thank you a lot for this post which is very helpful. I’d like to ask Mohammed about his experience. Could you block your money in any banks? I contacted Sparkasse in the city I am supposed to study but they replied that they don’t open blocked accounts. The same happened with Commerzbank. 🙁 If you learned something through your experience please share it.

    Thank you again,

    • Hi Hamideh,

      Since there were many questions from students from Iran, I did a search and added some information to the article from some reliable sources, please check the article under the heading Blocked account for students from Iran. I hope it helps.

      It would be nice if someone informs of the outcome and how they were able to open the account so that I can update the information.

      Good luck

  4. Can some one help me about this block account issue and the banks that can open
    an account for me and i also have relatives in europe, if it is possible for any of them
    to open a block account for me.
    From cameroon.

  5. I have received blocked account details from Deutsche bank. Can I transfer the money any time or should I have to wait till the visa applying date. Will they sent the credit confirming document as soft copy e-mail or hardy copy mail. I started the account with the help form deutsche bank bangalore.

  6. I’m just getting back to you guys now as I just sorted out my issue. I need to remind you this approach is for such students living in abroad and aiming to study in Germany. Anyways, I had to go to the city in where I am supposed to start my studies to approach some banks in person as I did not receive any promising response by Deutsche Bank. Some of the banks such as Commerzbank were not able to help me out in this regards since I did not have residence permit in Germany yet. However, Among a couples of the banks which I approached, Sparkasse bank told me that they would be able to open a blocked account if Ausländeramt authorities issue a letter confirming that having such an account is necessary for me. Ausländeramt authorities were absolutely helpful and they did they best to sort out my problem and I could finally have my blocked account opened.

    • Hi mohammad,

      If you did not have the blocked account open before getting to Germany, then how did you manage to get your visa without it. Where you applying for your visa through the German Embassy in Tehran or was it in some other country? How did you convince them that you do have the necessary funds? I am applying from the Consulate in Dubai and they did not give me an option yet

    • Dear Admin,

      I could not yet get my Deusche Bank Account to be opened because I am Iranian. On the other hand, as an alternative to such cases, only if you could not open the blocked account, the German Consulate in Dubai mentions a “Formal Obligation Form” that student’s financial sponsor fills to prove sufficient funds. However, in the same document they state:

      “Formal Obligation Letters issued by German Foreign Missions do not suffice as proof for student visa applications. Thus, most applicants opt to provide a students blocked account as proof of holding adequate funds”.

      Does anyone have any clue as to what I can or cannot trust. I am sure the German Embassy in Tehran has a standard way of dealing with this, but the consulate in Dubai doesn’t (at least to my knowledge). Does anyone know how the Embassy in Iran deals with such cases at the moment?

    • Check with the bank, you might have to provide proof that you have cancelled your trip. You will have to close your account and then be allowed to get your money.

  7. Hallo alle 😉
    I’m an Iranian Student whom Planning to study in Germany,I know and read all about problems,But my question to Countries with pretense for Human Rights(!) is : Does anyone can choose where she/he born?

    One of My votto in life (which heard in a movie) is : We can’t choose where we come from but we can choose where we go from there.
    Then what is Deutsch Banks’ votto?
    Würden Sie bitte fragen sie?


    • Hallo,
      ich hoffe, ihr könnt mir helfen. Ich habe am 22.08 einen Aufnahmetest fürs Studienkolleg geschrieben und am 27.08 habe ich erfahren, dass ich den Test bestanden habe und mein Unterricht am 01.09 beginnt. Da ich aus Neudelhi für den Test nur das Touristenvisum bekommen hatte, bin ich jetzt zurück nach Indien gereist. Nun bräuchte ich ein Studentenvisum und ich habe vom Studienkolleg drei Wochen Zeit, dass ich zurückkommen soll. Alleine das Sperrkonto zu öffnen dauert laut Deutsche Bank etwa 4-6 Wochen und dann braucht die Botschaft auch noch 4 Wochen Bearbeitungszeit. Ich konnte mit der Einladung zum Test vom 18.07 weder ein Studentenvisum beantragen noch ein Sperrkonto öffnen oder habe ich mich dort geirrt? Ich weiß gar nicht mehr, was ich machen soll/kann.

  8. Dear Admin,
    I have arrived Germany for few days following to the guarantee from my uncle. However, now, he can not afford to sent me 659 eur for my studying and living each month. Because of this, I want to open a blocked account in Deutsch bank to prove my financing for the Immigration Department and extend my Visa. Can I do it in any branch of Deutsch Bank in Germany and what documents I need to open my account? Thank you very much.

    • If you already got a students Visa based on your uncles guarantee you need not open a blocked account, a regular students account will be enough. But if you are here as a for a few days and need to get a students Visa, you will have to open a blocked account.

      Since you are already here in Germany you can approach any big banks with branches (e.g HypoVereinsbank, Postbank, Sparkasse etc) and not just in Deutschbank. Open a normal account there and just deposit the money (as required for the sutdents permit for 12 months atleast) into the new account.Then ask the bank to make it a blocked account.

      Make sure you go to a bank near the university in the city where you are going to study and ask them before you open the account.

  9. ” To overcome this problem, the FAQ (in German) in Study-in-Germany – The link has been moved by the website – (official German government website for studying in Germany) provides the following solution (translated to English from German)”

    This is part of Text. Please send me the link of this question ASAP. I really need to show it to German embassy in Beijing. I am from Iran and they dont accept this.

    • Hi Karen,

      The actual link was–17579. But it has been removed by the Study-in-Germany website, so when you access it now, it says “403 Forbidden”.

      But I did some searching for you and found out a cached version of the same page as it looked in 2013 from the internet archive just to show how the page looked at that time.–17579

      Please note that this may not be acceptable by the Embassy, but it is worth a try.

      Good luck

    • Hi Karen,

      I searched some more for you and found a better legal source, the requirement from the German Embassy at Tehran.

      In page two it says

      “ein Finanzierungsnachweis zu Ihrem Studienaufenthalt in Deutschland, wie z.B.einen Nachweis über den Gegenwert von mindestens 7.908,- € *Bankguthaben in Iran (Sie sind verpflichtet, diesen Euro-Betrag in bar bei der Einreise mit sich zu führen, um in Deutschland ein Sperrkonto einzurichten, bitte beachten Sie bei der Einfuhr von Barmitteln die Zollvorschriften der Europäischen Gemeinschaft, nähere Informationen zu diesem Thema finden Sie in der Rubrik Rechts- und Konsularangelegenheiten >Zollvorschriften > Anmeldepflicht für Barmittel von 10.000,- Euro oder mehr bei Reisen in oder aus der Europäischen Union)”

      Roughly translated it means,

      “A proof of financing for your studies in Germany, such as proof of the equivalent of at least 7,908, € as cash in a bank in Iran (You are obliged to take this Euro amount in cash when entering and with it set up a blocked account in Germany. Please note the limit on imports of cash the customs rules of the European Community, further information on this topic can be found in section “Rechts- und Konsularangelegenheiten” …notification for Cash of 10.000, – Euro or more when traveling to or from the European Union).”

      So it is clear that you just need to show proof that you have the money, you can then take it as cash and open a bank account when you arrive in Germany.

  10. Dear Admin,

    I would like to get some informations about the opening blocked account process. I am an international student from Madagascar and I have already send the application form to the Deutsche Bank lasy week and I am waiting for my acount number to transfer the money. I would like to ask you if the Deutsche Bank will directly notify the German Embassy (in Dar Es Salam) that my account is already credited or will they notify me? My problem is I have to apply as soon as possible for the visa as it can take up to 8 weeks for the embassy to deliver the visa. And I have to ome in person at my University before the 10th October.
    So I would like to ask you if the Deutsche Bank will notify directly the embassy when the money will be in my account. If Yes, I could start my visa application right now and send it without this proof of financial ressources.
    Thank you very much for your reply

    • Once the account has been opened, you will receive the account details such as the Account number from the bank.

      When the full blocking deposit has been credited to your account, the German Embassy or German Consulate will, along with you, automatically receive confirmation.

  11. Dear Admin,

    I’m a South Korean who’s currently trying to get a student visa, but I’m having a problem with the financial proof needed to get a student visa here in Germany. I’m already in Germany and the immigration office that I visited told me that either I should get a blocked account or ask my parents to confirm that they will assume all my costs in a German embassy. There seems to be other possibilities for financial proof but I’m not sure which is the easiest and fastest. I already have a savings account in Sparkasse so is it just like Deutsche Bank, where I can just convert or simply open a new blocked account? If so how much euro in the account balance would suffice to get a Student visa? (I’m thinking the duration of the visa will be around 7 months.)


    • Since you are South Korean (OECD country), blocked account is not mandatory. So, if you want, you can just get a letter from your parents.

      If you do not mind having a blocked account (limited access to your funds) then just go to your bank where you have an account and ask them to make it a blocked account (Sperrkonto). The bank might need letter from the immigration office. But usually, if the your Sparkasse is near an university, they will already know what to do.

    • Only Deutsche bank provides this service where you can apply online.

      There are other banks such as Sparkasse and HypoVeriensbank which also provide a blocked account, but applying for it is only possible if you are already in Germany. You will have to go to the bank closest to your university and ask them for it. They will then open a normal bank account and then change it to a blocked account.

    • Yes. If you are staying for less than one year, you can enter a different amount (€670 x number of months) in the form. Make sure that you provide the correct number of months as required by the German embassy since changing it will require more paperwork.

  12. I have filled and submitted the blocked account form in the Nigerian embassy for close to 30 days and I am yet to receive the account details from the deutsche bank. I am really getting worried. What can I do?

    • I suppose you were already able to get it done. But for others I will answer the question. I don’t know if it works the same way, but in some countries you are suppose to send the forms to the bank yourself after getting required documents from the Embassy. If it is already at the bank, unfortunately, there is not much you can do other than wait for response from the bank. You can send an online query by filling up the form which is better than nothing I guess.

  13. Hi!
    How do you transfer a blocked account to another bank? Is it possible? Opening a blocked account was not a problem but now I live in a different area in Germany and would like to change to a bank near me and I am having quite a lot of trouble with this. I was told to open a Girokonto and have 700 € transferred to it from my blocked account every month, but isn’t there an easier way? I would just like to have my money near me. Can you tell me what I need to do?

    • Hi Kristina, Unfortunately, you cannot change from one bank to another, but you can change between different branches of the same bank. That is, if you opened the blocked account with Deutschebank, you cannot change it to a Postbank. But you can change it from Deutschebank in Berlin to a Deutschebank in Munich. This is because changing a bank means closing the blocked account in one bank and opening a new one in another bank, and closing a blocked account halfway can only be done if you get a permission from the Auslanderbüro (if you are leaving Germany midway). So if you can find the same bank near your new area, then ask them if it can be transferred to the new branch because your address changed.

      Having said that, it is not really a problem opening a new bank account. I would actually recommend everyone to have two accounts because if you had your card lost or something, you will always have a back-up bank which you can use till you get a new card. Also, there are other banks which offer good services and free account for students (see Bank account for students or even a Number26 bank account). So why not open a second account and use those facilities. You can initiate a standing order to transfer a fixed sum each month from your blocked account to the new account using online banking.

  14. Dear Admin,

    I am from Hong Kong and applying for blocked account in Deutsche Bank. They received my documents 2 weeks ago but I have no reply from them now. A friend of mine who sent the documents a little bit earlier than me received her account number within one week.

    Is it possible for the bank to lost my documents, or I have to wait patiently?

    More seriously, the website of student blocked account collapses now!

    • Hope you had got it by now. It is estimated to take more time during the start of new semesters. Thanks for pointing out about the link, the Deutschebank website was changed and the link is now fixed.

    • You will have to enter the amount as necessary for your Visa. So, if you want to a Visa for 6 months, then you should have enough for 6 months. You have to contact the bank and ask them if you can make payments in installments, as there are chances that they may think your first payment was the full payment and reject your application for not depositing the correct amount.

  15. Hello, thank you for your information and help on this matters, my question is:

    I am from México and have applied for my visa for German language studies, and they said i have to open my blocked account with Deutsche bank, i sent the documents they ask to the bank signed by the embassy, but they have replied with this:
    Dear Sirs,

    thank you for sending us your account opening documents.

    We regret your account cannot be opened because the documents are not completly filled. You have made no information to
    Country of tax residence
    Tax ID number or personal identification number

    A statement to the points “U.S. citizenship” and “country of birth USA”, your home address format “street with house no., postal/zip code city, optionally additional address lines (e.g. c/o), country” and “tax residence” is mandatory.

    Please send us the documents again completely filled and signed in all spaces with the description “Signature of account holder” and “Acknowledgement of receipt by the depositor”.

    do you know what do i have to put in that information, i already send my documents 3 times, and doing exactly what they tell me, but they keep telling me i don’t fill those spaces, thank you for your time.

    • Hi, did you complete the necessary points they say? Especially if you were born in the US and/or a US citizen, then you are required to give information of your tax number due to the FACTA regulations as mandated by the US. Tick the checkboxes which ask about your US citizenship or birth in the US.

  16. Dear Admin ,
    I am a Syrian Student
    I have blocked account in Sparkasse Aachen , I arrived to germany from 15 days and i am now living in hamburg. I wanted to active my Account but sparkasse in hamburg told me that I must to go to sparkasse in Aachen and take a paper from it so I can active my account in sparkasse-Hamburg. is there any bank in Hamburg accept me to active my Account without traveling to Aachen ?
    Many thanks.

    • Can you tell me please how you managed to open a bank account in Sparkasse Aachen? I heard that I need to open a bank account with Sparkasse Aachen but don’t know how?


  17. hello! how i can start opening a blocked student account! please help! how long it takes.. i need it because my embassy ask for.. im ffrom Guatemala.. so… i never did this before.. i need help.. how i open this? and how long it takes to t confiramation? is urgent my German curse is beginning son! danke thanks! 😀

  18. Hello, Good morning.
    I am to open a blocked account with the Deutsche Bank for applying study visa application. Could you please answer my below quarries:
    (1) I am over 30 years of age. Should I also use the same application form? Or, different from? If yes, thank you for giving the link?
    (2) Once the account will be opened, how the confirmation with account details will be sent to the applicant- by email or post?
    (3) Besides the blocked amount (EUR 8040), can I also deposit other amount into the account without blocking for the independent using? Please note that I may also need to deposit another 6000 Euro for the proof of rest tuition fees payment in April 1, 2017.

    Kind regards,
    MM Hossain

  19. I need to open a Blocked account to get student Visa for a BA Degree while i’m not in Germany now.
    Deutsche Bank didn’t accept my request for Blocked Account sine i’me 37 years.

    Are there any available option other than traveling to Germany to open an account and deposit the amount then switch it to blocked as this is a very expensive option.


  20. hello,
    I am Sudanese student and I have confirmed Language course for 7 month in Germany and I need to open blocked account .my question ,are allowed to me as Sudanese to do a blocked account in Deutche bank ?

  21. I have opened a blocked account at Sparkasse Aachen.Is it possible to activate the account at Sparkasse Bremen, since I will be in Bremen????

  22. I am a Sudanese student. I am 18.I have an admission letter from recognized university in Germany. I would like to open blocked account in Deutsche bank.

  23. Hello I’m from INDIA and I have my blocked account in India Kotek Mahindra bank , Could you please tell me can I open my blocked account here in comerzbank ??

  24. I am currently going through this process (Aug 2017). The numbers have changed within the last few months: now you must have 8,640 euro in the Sperrkonto, you can withdraw 720 euro a month, and the fee for opening the account with DeutschBank is 150 euro!!

    • Thanks Becca for taking the time to comment. It does take time and effort to keep track of all the changes and makes it easier when people like you point it out.

      And €150 fee is a bit steep. I will see if there are other banks which have come up in the meanwhile and provide this service for students living abroad.

  25. Hello
    I am a Hong Kong student applying for a student application visa. I really want to know if the Consulate General here require additional basic sum for the blocked account? I can’t seem to find the answer, may you know by any chance? Also is the site Fintiba trustworthy ? I was given the impression that Fintiba help student get a blocked account faster than other.

    Thanks in advance

  26. Hi, I am from the US but in Germany now. I would like to apply for resident permit and believe that having a blocked account with 8,700 Euros is a requirement. Is it possible for me to open such an account from Germany?

  27. Hi Admin,

    I would like to know the required steps to close the blocked account and refund my money as I’ve decided to cancel my travel due to personal issues that would prevent me from studying abroad for two years. Considering that I was granted the shchengen Visa.


  28. Hello
    I am from Iran and I am in Germany now. So will deutsche bank accept me to open block account?
    I was today at deustche they did not tell me that I can not open account. But I have to pay for Normal and blocked account because I am older than 27?
    For block 150 and for normal 60 euro.
    I think they are wrong.
    Have you any info about this?

  29. Dear Admin,
    I am Reem from Sudan, I am applying for a student visa and I was asked to open such account, my question is, Is it possible to open a block account from Sudan and is it possible to transform money from my country? if not please send my a document which provide that.
    Thank you
    Reem Saifeldin

  30. Dear Admin
    I applied student applicant visa.
    I got the visa without open blocked account.
    But my parents sponsored.
    Now i m in Germany. How to open block account
    For extend the visa.
    Or can extend the visa same documents copy (parent letter & bank statements)

    Which i submitted in embassy my home country.

    • Check if you still need to open a blocked account. If you do, just go to the bank you have an account (Girokonto) in Germany and ask them. They will provide you with information.

      If you still do not have a bank account, try opening a normal bank account (Girokonto) first, then tell them you need a blocked account for Visa. The banks near the university will know about this and help you. Usually they will open a Sparkonto (saving account) and ask you to deposit your money there. Then they will block it so that you can only withdraw a particular amount each month and convert it into a blocked account (Sperrkonto).

  31. Dear Admin,
    I opened Blocked Account with Fintiba. However, because of being failed the university exams, i have to close my account. I wrote to Fintiba customer service on 14.07.2018 but they did not reply me yet. What can I do? I need my money back as soon as possible!
    Thanks for your help!
    Davronjon Numonov

  32. Its urgent please reply.

    My birthplace is Rawalpindi. and on my passport is Rawalpindi . during filling fintiba i wrote Lahore( because i have been living here since i was kid and i thought i born there too)
    now i have blocking confirmation stating my details and there my birth place mentioned this Lahore
    On passport is different and on fintiba confirmation details( which i have to take to embassy) is different..
    what to do??
    can fintiba change it to Rawalpindi, i have interview this friday.

    • The amount depends on the number of months you will stay. Normally, for a two years program, you should at least have enough funds for the first year. You can open with €8000 but then the blocked account will be only for 11 months, and this will cause additional issues with the German Embassy in getting a Students Visa and you might be asked to deposit more funds. That will only cost you more in fees.

  33. Dear Admin,
    I have received an admit from a German university. I want to open a blocked account in Deutsch bank. I read the instructions provided in their site and one point tells that we should show the “Evidence of source of funds.”
    Does this mean that I should show them that I have 8640 EUR amount already?
    What is it they are expecting?
    Please help.

    • Congrats on your admit.
      The “Evidence of source of funds” is a bank statement of your bank (in any currency) from which you will transfer the money to the blocked account. It could be your bank account, your parents or relatives bank account. You can provide multiple bank account statements to total the amount or letter from the bank with total asset value including other deposits, or letter from a bank if you are getting a students loan. It is mainly to show you have funds which you can use to deposit and not money laundering. This is similar to what normal Embassy need as financial proof, but not as strict (i.e., it does not have to be certified or notarized etc).

  34. how do i transfer the entire amount from fintiba blocked account to the new DB account opened in germany? also will the exchange rate matter?

    • Since you already got the Visa based on the blocked account, the only way to transfer money is if you unblock it. For that, you will require an official letter (German embassy or Ausländerbehörde) stating you don’t need a blocked account anymore, or other reasons mentioned in the letter. So, unfortunately, it is difficult and more hassle than the few euros you will save from this switch. You can try contacting Fintiba to see if there is another way.

      The exchange rate will not matter because the blocked account is already in EUR.

  35. Hi!

    Thank you for the article, it was more than helpful.
    My questions is more regarding visa and such, besides a bank account.

    If I travel to Germany on a regular Schengen 90-day permit (my country doesn’t require me to have a tourist visa) and I apply for university while being there and I decide to stay and study that same year, how do I go about requesting a student permit? Or do I need to apply for the visa while being in my home country only?
    This scenario, me traveling first and applying for the permit later, also applies for the blocked account.

    Thank you for you help!

    • Unfortunately, we cannot say for certain about issues on a residence permit. But, in general, if you do not require a Visa to visit Germany, you can apply for a residence permit once you arrive in Germany. In this case, you can open a blocked account when in Germany to show proof when applying for a students residence permit from the Auslanderbüro or Bürgeramt or Bürgerbüro

      Check the website of the German embassy in your country for confirmation.

  36. Hi,
    Currently i am pursuing masters in Germany and have opened an account with deutsche bank. If i would like to drop out from the university, am i eligible to get back the remaining money in the account?

    • A blocked account is financial proof which is needed for a residence permit (studies or job search). So, if you going to stay in Germany after dropping out from university, you will still need to show a financial proof for a permit to live in Germany (normally a blocked account), unless you get a work contract.

      But if you are dropping out from university and leaving Germany (say because you got an admission in the US), you can close your blocked account and transfer the money to your home country account if you get a letter from your Auslanderbüro or German Embassy. This might take time and you will only get the money after you leave the country and provide proof.

  37. Hi, I am already working in a decent job in other country, I am applying for job seeker visa in Germany and this is one requirement, my problem is I do not want to leave this job and search a job in Germany, Hence I may not even visit Germany unless I get an interview call and pass the interview process, if so how do I unblock the account? Even if I visit Germany I may do for a week or 10 days to search of jobs,

    Also please comment on

  38. University of rhine waal didnt extend my enrolment so i had to withdraw my application this winter. I mailed xpatrio that i have withdrawn since two weeks i have not seen my money of which they have sent it back. why does it take so long for me to get my money? I am so worried.

  39. Dear Admin,

    I’m Jyotshna, from India. I have a question, please let me know, If I open a blocked account through “Fintiba”, how can I get the refund in case if I got a Visa rejection?

    • Sir, I have a question. I have heard of Coracle. But how come Coracle does not charge any monthly charge whereas all other banks charge a minimum fare?

  40. Sir,
    I have studied german language from ias college Schwerin. So i have blokd the money once. Now i got admitted for masters in university of Hannover. So should i block the full money again? Or else this 4500euro is enough to get my visa extended for atleast 1 year.. ?

  41. Dear Sir,

    1 – Can I apply for a blocked account before getting a university acceptance?

    2 – If I’m studying two-years masters, how much should I deposit?

    3 – Should deposit the whole mount at once? or can I deposit the needed amount on stages?

    Thanks very much

  42. Is that possible to open a blocked bank account somewhere in Niedersachsen?
    I have asked all the mentioned banks in Bremen (like Sparkasse, Postbank and so on) but none of them provide a blocked account?
    So I wonder if it is possible to do it in another city (Hamburg, Hannover or any other)?

    • Not all bank branches provide the service, so you will have to check different branches. Try these options first before you look for other cities.
      1. Go to a bank branch close to the university in Bremen, usually, they will have more international students and provide such a service.
      2. Visit the International Students office of the University in Bremen. The advisors will be able to recommend the bank branch to you.
      3. Visit the Rathaus (Auslanderbüro) at the Students section and ask them, they will know which bank provides such a service. Sometimes they also give you an official letter instructing banks to allow you to open a saving account and physically put a limit on it. The bank then does that and will complete the form so you can use that as proof of blocked account. This used to be an old process (before 2010), but maybe some still use it.
      4. You can always open blocked account online through one of the above services (e.g., Fintiba, X-patrio or Coracle)

  43. last year I had opened blocked account in fintiba and opened a normal account in sparkasse so that every month 720 euros was transferred and could be accessed through sparkassee. i had got visa extension for 1 year. and now i am in my second year. i have 2000 euros in my sparkassee account. how do i extend my blocked account? shoud i have to transfer entire amount and open a blocked account again?

  44. Hi,
    I have opened a blocked bank account with Coracle at the start of September… And I still haven’t received the confirmation that my money has arrived on that account. Coracle asked that I transfer the money to Lemon Way (based in Paris) but with aSabadell bank account in Spain!!
    I’m so upset this is taking so long… It’s so peroccupying. Has anyone had such an experience? Should I just relax and wait?
    Thanks, Melanie

    • HI Melanie!
      Would you mind following up on your message? At the end of the day, how was the issue resolved? How long did it take? How much the transfer cost?
      Thank you!
      Best regards,

  45. Hi I blocked my money in Deutsche that was 8640 euro and now for my visa extension I would need to show 10000 euro and now I am scared that Deutsche back will again charge me 150 euro . What should I do

  46. I do not recommend Coracle, visa was rejected and my money should have been back in my account 5 months ago, still waiting with poor responses of Coracle in where my money is.

    • Hi Florencia,
      Have you eventually received the refund? How long did it take? Who paid the money transfer? Can you summarize your communication with Coracle for us to know what to expect from them?
      Thank you in advance.
      Best regards,

  47. Dear Admin,
    I have made Coracle account, but i have not transfer the funds. I would like to change the bank to Deutsche Bank. Can I close the coracle Account and open new one in deutsche bank?

    • You can decide not to continue with the process. But if you paid already then you will not be able to get it back.

  48. Dear,

    I’m writing you to get again more informations for the blocked account. I want to know i have to transfert the whole amount in one transfer. Can i send more than the required sum for the visa ? How way can i transfer the amount ?
    Thank you for the interest.

    • This is very rare and only few local non-german banks provide the service. For example in Kotak Mahendra Bank (India) and UBL (Pakistan).

  49. The greatest piece of information about blocked accounts I’ve ever met. A big thank you to all who worked on that. Answers lots of questions, has workflow explanations and useful comparisons.
    Thank you!

  50. Good afternoon

    If I have a blocked account, for instance with Fintiba, Coracle or Expatrio, for one year, and I need to cancel the account before the year is over, because is not to clear in the terms and conditions.

    how should I make it,? do I have to pay a fee or taxes to cancel the account? are there leal consequences for this?

    Thanks so much for your help

    Kind regards

    • The account can only be cancelled under certain conditions:
      If your Visa application is not approved, or
      If you are already in Germany, then written confirmation from the Ausländerbehörde (Immigrant Office) that you don’t need the account. For example, when you discontinue your studies and get a job or want to return back home.

  51. Hello . If I travel with my family (wife and son) … how much money do I need for a blocked account por 1 year ? For me and my family ..

    • Please check with the embassy. It is same for each adult. Also, you may have to first come to Germany, and then invite your family.

  52. If I Have a sperrkonto at Coracle and a girokonto in another bank let say Commerz bank, do they charge fees for the monthly transfer of the payments?

  53. Hey admin, Thanks for the comprehensive post.

    I am already in germany and I have to renew my study permit so I need the whole amount again.

    I have some of my money in my fintiba account, which I will cancel soon. So I was looking to make a new blocked account with a new provider.

    Which of these do you suggest to be the fastest working one to transfer from within germany and get the required amount to show to the Auslaenderbehoerde? I do not have much time, only about 5 working days in total.

    Also, can Coracle or Expatrio be trusted? They both use escrow account right? Neither are in my own name? How is the customer support with coracle? Their website didn’t seem to reflect transparency or communication in any way.

    • I’d like to add that I have also been in contact with my city’s Sparkasse, who were also willing to open an account but for a fee of 100Eur and wanted a few extra days to also get in touch with the auslaenderbehoerde themselves. Is there anything like this I should be aware of with these providers?

      Do you have any estimate as to how long Sparkasse Aachen takes to finish the process?


      • Each of the banks has their own timelines, especially the Sparkasse.
        Other banks allow blocked account, but you have to consult them. I suggest the bank closest to the university. The time depends, but I do not suspect you will get anything within a week.

    • First check with the Auslanderamt if you indeed need to a blocked account. Extending your fintiba blocked account for the next year is quicker.

      Secondly, Coracle and Expatrio are also officially accepted as you will have an account number protected under German capital protection insurance, so they can be trusted

      All three of them will give you a blocked account confirmation number within a week (usually within 2 days).

    • I know this is an old question but for anyone else who is wondering the same thing:

      After an absolutely miserable experience with Deutsche Bank I made the switch to Expatrio and have had a much better experience. They are fast, use electronic communications, and they provide relevant information to the user, all things Deutsche Bank did not do. I can’t speak for Coracle but I would certainly recommend Expatrio. I use N26 for a current account and have been pleased with their service as well.

      Most importantly, avoid Deutsche Bank!

  54. Liability insurance is not offered by expatrio as part of their value package. Kindly comment. please update the information on this website. It is misleading.

  55. Hallo Admin,
    I am almost completing my studies and have just my thesis to write. I would need about a year to round up finally but was told to block my account with about 10000euros.Is this applicable to every city in Germany?

  56. Thank you for this opportunity.
    I am a Ghanaian, who just received admission to study for my masters degree in Germany.
    I wish to build a blocked account which is a prerequisite for visa acquisition.
    Please which German bank is best and cheaper in terms of charges, duration and efficiency in delivery?
    I wish to hear from you.
    Thank you

  57. Hallo Admin,
    I am opening a blocked account second time as it has been made mandatory to show block amount in Bavaria State. After blocking money in Fintiba or Coracle for 1 year can I unblock the whole amount after two months. Is it possible!!!

    Will be looking forward to your reply. Thanks

  58. Hi! Does any German bank open a bank account for minors if they cannot be accompanied by parents (due to travel restrictions)? Can a guardian (a German citizen or a resident) appointed by parents accompany the student to a bank and open an account in the student’s name?

  59. Thank you so much for this useful information. I am right now in germany. I blocked money through expatario before. To extend my visa I again have to block money for 3 months. Can you suggest me what are the options are there?

  60. Hello,
    I’m Syrian living in Syria, and i want to transfer the money to the block account (Fintiba) from American freind bank acount (bank of America). I notices that was a restriction from People living in the US or with US Tax status. is there any solution for this.

  61. Hi, I am Dimple planning to study Maters in Germany in 2023.
    I want to know if I will need a blocked account in the second year of my masters as well?

  62. Dear Admin
    I am Iranian and I can not open any block account in Germany to show the embassy, can you be our voice (all Iranian students who want to study in Germany) and tell our problem to the government? I asked my friend who emailed Expatrio and Fintiba before and they said that they can’t open blocked account for Iranian students.
    It is funny because it can be seen that all companies can buy anything from German companies and transfer their money to them, but students have these problems! It seems that sanctions are working only on people not the main reason of sanctions.
    please help us.
    many thanks

  63. If anyone is looking at this in 2023, the following providers no longer offer the blocked account service:

    Deutsche Bank

    Source: I was a customer of Deutsche Bank, and have spend half a day calling the rest of the banks on the list only to be told each time that they do not provide this service. Several workers remarked that they were unaware that the bank had ever offered blocked accounts.

    Additionally, as of writing this, neither Fintiba nor Coracle offer a blocked account to US tax residents.


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