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1822direkt checking account

Updated Information as on  May 2015

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Account management:
Cost: 0 € (3.90 €) per month
Conditions: at least one credit each Month (Free for Students)
Current bonus offer: 100 euros*
EC-/Maestro: yes, free
Credit Card: Mastercard 25 € / year (free for students)
Credit interest daily allowance: 1.10% upto 50.000 Euro (guaranteed till 04.08.2015) on Tagesgeldkonto
Borrowing rate credit facility: 7.74% pa
Website: www.1822direkt.de
Banking options: Online / Telephone
Free Cash:  
Germany: Sparkasse
Abroad: Euroland

* From 30.04.2015 to 31.05.2015. Check for updated offers.

About 1822direkt Frankfurter Sparkasse

1822direkt is a subsidiary of Frankfurter Sparkasse and acts as a direct internet bank on their behalf. The company has its headquarters in Frankfurt’s banking center and offers savings bank customers who place value on modern direct banking, many intelligent products at fair prices, attractive terms and with a comprehensive service. In addition to the direct internet banking, the customer can get personal advice from 1822direkt. For the permanent good conditions and excellent Fees and Charges, 1822direkt was also honored repeatedly in various surveys and awards. Among the classic products of the bank include a current accounts and here is distinguished 1822direkt. Here, the customer does not receive a under-serviced current account, but an account that offers the security of the bank, combines personal phone support and the benefits of direct banking.

 1822direkt checking account

The current account 1822direkt promises free banking if there is at least a deposit into the bank account per month and it is therefore also suitable for customers whose monthly income is less than € 1,200. Plus customers of the account get a free 1822direkt SparkassenCard, which is similar to the EC-/Maestrokarte. Also included is a MasterCard credit card, which is free if there is a €2,000 euros in annual sales (otherwise there is a € 25 annual fee).

 1822direkt checking account for Students

If you are a student between 18 and 27 years of age, you get a free bank account without the need for any monthly deposits. All the same features or normal checking accounts are also available for students account, including the overdraft credit and joining bonus. Students also get a free credit card without any annual renewal fees and no minimum annual purchase  requirements. Click here to open a 1822direkt students checking account.

100 EUR joining bonus:

Up to 31.05.2015, opening a new checking account at 1822direkt, you get €100 joining bonus, provided you maintain your account in the first 6 months of account opening and at least 3 salary credits of atleast €500 have been made on your account. Credit may include wages, salary, pension, pay or other federal financial aid.

For a students checking account, it is not required to maintain minimum monthly deposit, and you still receive a €100 bonus.

The advantages of 1822direkt checking account at a glance:

  • Free account management from a plus booking a month
  • 100 EUR joining bonus till 31.05.2015, if the account has in the first 6 months of account opening at least 3 inputs salary of at least € 500 (wages, salary, pension, pay, federal financial aid)
  • Credit card from € 2,000 annual sales charge (otherwise 25 euros per year)
  • With the SparkassenCard free to withdraw money at ATMs of 25,000 savings
  • Free cash in European countries with euro currency with a credit card
  • At the request and credit ratings set up a credit facility

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1822direkt Overnight deposit account

You can also open a liked overnight deposit account with high interest rate of 1.10 % p.a for deposits up to 50,000 € guaranteed until 21.08.2015. So you can park your extra money into this free 1822direkt overnight deposit account (Tagesgeldkonto) which provides daily interest without any minimum deposit requirement and free of cost.

The advantages of 1822direkt overnight deposit account at a glance:

  • 1.10% pa interest for deposits upto 50,000€ – guaranteed till 21. Aug. 2015
  • Interest paid on daily balance interest
  • No minimum deposit
  • Can be linked with your checking account

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