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The Kalixa prepaid credit card is a trademark of the British financial company Kalixa Pay Ltd.. This bank is specialized in the field of electronic money. Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard is a combination of prepaid MasterCard and eAccount. In addition Kalixa was awarded the title “Best Newcomer Prepaid Card” 2011 awarded at the Prepaid365 Card Awards.

With the Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard you can conveniently shop online and in stores. The prepaid credit card is accepted at all MasterCard acceptance points. In connection with prepaid MasterCard you get a free online account for making simple queries like checking the account balance or the transaction statements.

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The facts about the Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard

  • No monthly or annual fee *
  • One Time Card Atcivation fee of 9,95 €
  • Cash withdrawal in Germany: 1,75 €
  • Cash withdrawal abroad: 2,25 €
  • Free charging options via online banking, Girocard and standing order
  • Maximum cash withdrawal at ATMs per day € 300
  • Withdraw money at over 1.2 million ATM
  • Maximum credit of € 9,000
  • Free account balance via SMS and e-mail (weekly)
  • No credit report or credit check SCHUFA  or bank account required
  • Available only for people with the German residential address
  • Action: All New customers participation in a raffle with 1 million euros as prize money

* If the card is not used for 6 consecutive months an inactivity fees in the amount of 0.99 € per month is charged from the 7th month . Once you use the card again, these fees are not charged anymore.

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Complete Fees and Charges Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard


  • Card transaction fee : FREE
  • eAccount Transaction fees : FREE
  • Monthly fee : FREE
  • Annual fee : FREE
  • Fee for foreign currency : FREE
  • New Card Fee : FREE
  • Transaction details by SMS : FREE
  • Transaction details by e-mail : FREE
  • Account balance by SMS : FREE
  • Account balance by e-mail : FREE
  • Registration / card fee : € 9.95
  • Fee at ATMs – domestic : € 1.75
  • Fee at the ATM – abroad : € 2.2

Recharging Fees

  • Bank Transfer : FREE
  • Visa or Mastercard : 1.75%
  • Skrill : minimum charge € 1, max 3:50%  

Card Limits

  • Maximum daily transactions : NONE
  • Maximum daily cash withdrawals : € 300
  • Maximum for cash withdrawals at ATMs (within 30 Days) : €3,000
  • Maximum charging (within 30 days) : € 3,000
  • Maximum credit : € 9,000


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  1. hi sir you company support algeria country ,so i want order a prepaid card for free There is no way to transfer money in Algeria and if the card arrival i will bellyful my card with 320 dollars by my earning money in internet then take yours Card Application Fee and orther Fee and this my first card ever and i hope to help, yours understand my situation and thank you for help me and i wish yours accept my order , thank you.

    • This is a website which provides information about the banks and cards. This website does not a bank or provide any financial service. So please contact the bank directly.

  2. Hi, I am a US resident. I will work for 3 months in Germany and get paid. What is the best way to ask to get paid, if I am not interested in opening a german bank account?
    Thank you

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