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Top Noris Bank checking account

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Account management:
Cost: 0 € a month
Current bonus offer:
EC-/Maestro: yes, free
Credit Card: Mastercard free
Credit interest daily allowance: 0.70% pa
Borrowing rate credit facility : 11.50% pa
Banking options: Online / Telephone / self-service terminal
Free Cash:  
Germany: Cash Group (9000 Auto)
Abroad: free world
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The Norisring top bank checking account

Financial testIf you want a simple but efficient plus 100% free checking account look that is right at the Noris Bank. As one of only a few banks in Germany, the bank offers a true free checking account with no additional conditions. The Bank does not deliberately focusing on small print or other pitfalls. The account is free plus offers top conditions.

Free cash withdrawal in Germany and Worldwide

Those who have been annoyed with banks with high cash withdrawal fees, is a free and very convenient alternative is the Noris Bank. At over 9,000 Cash Group ATMs and  on all Shell petrol stations, Cash can be withdrawn free of charge cash. Especially practical is that abroad, the money can be withdrawn with the Mastercard charge. This applies accept a MasterCard for all machines, so to speak almost worldwide at any ATM. It does not matter whether 10 or 100 euros will be withdrawn. It does not cost a penny to Noris Bank customers.

The advantages of the Noris Bank checking account at a glance:

  • For all residential customers – no ifs and buts
  • Free account management without conditions
  • Free noris Card (ec / Maestro)
  • Free credit card on request (credit required)
  • Free cash at over 9,000 ATMs in Germany
  • Withdraw cash free world
  • 24/7 service at

Convenient account switching service for new customers

If you decide to change to a Noris bank account because you wants to save money in the future, the Noris Bank offers a free transfer service. The Noris Bank accepts all formalities in connection with the exchange account for the new customer if this Noris Bank commissioned. This includes, for example, the transmitting of the new account information to insurance companies, associations, etc..

Simple online banking and approximately 2,700 banking terminals

The Noris Bank is a pure online bank 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, but is accessible to their customers. There is also a free telephone hotline, on the request with an advisor Contact can be made. The everyday things such as transfers, standing orders, and account inquiries can be controlled directly from the online banking by the customer. The Noris Bank is a subsidiary of the German Bank AG. Therefore, the customers are also around 2,700 banking terminals in the branches of Deutsche Bank. From here remittances etc. can be made


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  1. Hello i am a international student from Vanezuela, I have been admited in Franfurt University , in order to apply for a student visa I need to open a STUDENT BLOCKED ACCOUNT in Germany, please provide information (in english if possible) in order to proceed to open one, Fyi I do not live in Germany so all paper work (if possible) will have to be done remotedly.

    Adriana Paredes

  2. How much money do I have to pay to
    Activate my account that is inactive
    But do have funds. I am outside of Europe
    so I know everything will be on line
    I also want to say that Noris is one of the
    Best banks in the world and in
    My case Noris has being very

    Thank you,

  3. Hello,
    My friend works in Norway since May 2020 he is trying to come home but Noris bank froze his account. I had to send them 10000 dollars for a TTP code, a VAT code and a DTP code . My friend was able to sent the workers home to america but since May 21 they froze my friend’s account because of taxes. The account has enough money to cover the taxes but they want separate money send to them before they release the account. Please help. I spoke to someone at the Norway consulate in New york who told me it is not right. I need help please thank you

  4. Sir

    I’m ratheesh from India have account balance not able transfer to my account need COT code , how can I get COT code please help me


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