How to open a DKB bank account in Germany

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DKB bank is arguable one of the best banks in Germany and having an account with DKB bank has many benefits, such as free VISA card, free cash withdrawals worldwide etc. (read more about benefits of DKB bank here).  However, DKB bank is selective is accepting new accounts.

Therefore, this guide provides you with information on how to open a DKB bank account for residents in Germany.

How to open a DKB bank account for residents in Germany

Step 1 : Open the Online Application

In order to open a DKB bank account, you need to fill up the online application form at the website. CLICK HERE TO OPEN DKB ACCOUNT OPENING FORM

Click on the button at the bottom of the page which reads Jetzt DKB-Cash eröffnen” (Open DKB-cash Now) to open the online application form. Fill the application form online.

DKB Bank - Start Page
DKB -Cash – Start Page – Apply Online

You will require details as required below. Provide your correct details as it will be printed on the form and you cannot change it at a later date. If you had moved address in the last 2 years then your previous address is also required.

Step 2 : Enter your details

DKB Cash - Applicant Details
DKB-Cash Application – Applicant Details – English Translation

In case you have not resided in the present address for more than 3 years, you will have to provide your previous address.

DKB Cash - Previous Address Details
DKB Cash – Previous Address Details

Step 3 : Provide Employment Details

Enter the details such as Occupation, net monthly salary (after taxes), employed since, Industry

DKB Cash - Employment Details
DKB Cash – Employment Details

Click “weiter” to continue.

Step 4 : Privacy Policy and Terms

Check the boxes agreeing to the privacy policy and terms and condition of the bank account. A rough simple translation of the declaration is provided in the screen shot below.

DKB Cash - Data Privacy & Declaration
DKB Cash – Data Privacy & Declaration
DKB- Club

Agree to the terms and conditions for DKB-Club policy.

DKB Cash - DKB Club
DKB Cash – DKB Club

Click “weiter” to continue.

Step 5 : Confirm and Submit

Check if the details entered are correct. If not, click “andern” to change the details.

DKB Cash - Application Confirmation
DKB Cash – Application Confirmation

If the details are correct, then download the filled up application form.

DKB Cash - Account Open
DKB Cash – Save Application form PDF

Once the application form is generated, the next option is activated. Confirm that you need to open a DKB-Cash account by checking the box. Now click on “eröffnen” to securely submit the application online.

DKB Cash - Account Open 2
DKB Cash – Submit Application Online

You will then get the last page confirming that the application was submitted.


Step 6 : Documents for PostIdent

Take the filled up form and the below documents to the local post office for PostIdent.

Document required to open a DKB Bank checking account for German Residents:

  • Print out of the account application form that was filled and submitted online. The form can be filled from the website here, and clicking on the button at the bottom of the page which reads Jetzt DKB-Cash eröffnen (Open DKB-cash Now)
  • A valid passport (original) for verification at the local Postoffice for the PostIdent at your local post office
  • Proof of current Residence
  • Proof of income, such as salary receipts, copy of employment contract, pension grant etc
  • For non-EU nationals include copy of your resident permit or Visa. 

Take the above documents to the nearest post office in person. The clerk at the post office will verify if you are the person as mentioned in the application form and on your passport.

Step 7 : Once the documents are checked by the clerk at the postoffice, you have to sign the document at the necessary place in front of the clerk. This signature is verified with your signature in your identity documents. After verification, the documents and signature, the forms are then put in an envelope and sent to the DKB headquarters for checking the account.

Step 8 : You will receive an email if further documents are required. These can be sent by email too. Then you will receive a decision by email if your account is opened or not.

If you were successful in opening a DKB bank account,  further documents will be sent to you by post in the following days.

Click here to open a DKB bank account

Important Note

The clerk at postoffice just checks if you are a valid person and that the document you sent are verified. The final decision on the opening account is made by DKB bank.

DKB is very selective in opening new bank account, so if you are a foreigner living in Germany, though not necessary, to facilitate fast processing of your application, it may be advantageous to provide all the documents you can to substantiate your application, such as a good job contract, long term resident permit, good income etc.