What should you do in case of loss of card?

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The loss of the current card / ATM card to take lightly, revenge might already after a few days. Who comfortable sitting back and assumes that the card appears again or logs an honest finder, behaves with gross negligence from the perspective of the banks and liable for all damages caused by a possible card misuse. To respond immediately, however, the liability of the customer is limited to 150 euros. Go higher amounts charged to the bank. Therefore: Not long torches, but immediately take all necessary steps to make thieves and swindlers no chance.

Search Card

The first reflex when the ATM card not inserted in your wallet or in your wallet: Search. The idea is good and certainly useful. Finally, the card ends up occasionally in your pocket instead of in the purse or will be left in the store. However, as the search proves fruitless, leaving only the card lock.

Block the Girocard / ATM card

On weekdays and during business hours of the bank should leave the ATM card whenever possible, we lock in the store or by phone call to the bank. The lock engages immediately and not delayed as in the blocked numbers in the general case. This service numbers are valid for almost all banks. Especially for ATM card, the 01805/021021 established (for a fee). For all the cards, and credit cards, is the 116 116 (free within the Federal Republic). The lock request forwarded to the bank. This will require the account number and the bank routing number.

Cost of blocking the card

Whether the card lock is free or charge, depends on the price list of the bank. Most banks appear accommodating and do not charge for the lock. Other companies charge up to 15 euros. Added, depending on the bank, further costs for the replacement card and the new personal identification number (PIN). The tip to treat the card like cash and not easy to just plug in your pocket, is no accident.

Additional safety measures after the card is lost

Who wants to go completely on the safe side, should be blocked not only the card but possibly also the account.Thieves could by direct debit, in which the signature is sufficient to verify the payment, cause despite barrier damage.Because the card readers are not connected to the computers of the bank. Not only monthly, but often – – to check easier and less costly to the bank statements regularly. Only in this way can be timely filed an objection if the perpetrators strike and want to enrich themselves at the expense of the cardholder.

How to block a lost card in Germany

If the ATM card is lost or stolen, quick action is essential. This means that the card must be closed immediately. This is particularly important, since the new rules came into force on banking transactions in November 2009. Since then, the customer is liable for misuse of card with up to 150 euros. The liability takes from the moment of the loss to the card lock. Only then, the Bank has an obligation. Protect consumers commonly speak of a deterioration in the terms and conditions. Bank customers can therefore only be advised, no time to lose if the ATM card is no longer in place.

There are many ways to block a lost card. Call the bank or the customer service numbers of the bank. This might not be possible if the card was lost on a weekend or after-business hours. In such cases the is not possible if the card was lost during a weekend or after business hours. There is a German wide hotline for registering a lost card of any bank.

Blocking EC Cards –  The central hotline for blocking a EC-card is 01805 / 021021.  Here you can report a lost card using your bank information. You might need the bank account number and branch code for this.

Blocking other cards – A central toll-free number 116 116 can be used to block other card of any bank. About 95% of all German bank cards are members of this service from their website sperr-notruf.de


  • Regardless of which way the card is blocked, experts advise to record  the date, time, and possibly the contact person when blocking.
  • Consumers should check with their local bank, which blocked number applies to them. Many banks have their own service center, block a ATM card immediately.
  • The card should always be treated like cash and account should be blocked

Lock Card and Account

Despite prompt card lock remains a problem: scammers can continue shopping with the card and ensure damage. It makes possible the direct debit method in which instead of a personal identification number (PIN), only one signature is required. The card readers are not linked to central computers of banks. In addition, many businesses control the signature only fleetingly. To prevent this, remains only an account lockout. This, however, also other payments would be blocked and the personal finances would largely stalled. Who would not go as far as the bank statements must be examined closely. Once payments arise that can not be assigned or which were not made, objection must be filed with the Bank.

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  1. I have found a DKB Visa card belonging to J.Pohle, 4748 XXXX XXXX 8422. I am in New Zealand so I guess they are tourists here.

    My email address is tonybaker(at)snap.net.nz

    I have advised the police and the store where I found it.

    Admin Edit : Details censored for security and privacy

  2. If someone has noted down the number of my card
    For payment but has not got access to the card
    Itself or the PIN number, can there be a breach of
    Security in any way? Should I call the bank?

    • What card is it?

      If it is a credit card, they need the CVV number at the back and the expiry date on the card to use it on the internet. As long as they don’t have it, you are fine. It used to be normal earlier for giving the card number on the phone, for instance when booking hotels or flights.

      If it is a debit card, then you don’t need to worry. The new two-step authentication process requires the banks also use the TAN method.

  3. Hello. My German friend lost his wallet which
    held his bankcards and his account is locked.
    He works off shore and won’t be back for 2
    months. He needs to pay bills that he
    usually pays with his bankcards. Does he have to
    to present in person at his bank to get his
    account unlocked so he can pay his
    critical bills? Thank you!

  4. My friend from Germany got marked with some boys at Cape Town.They took his bank card. Where he can replace it around South Africa.


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