International money transfer from German account

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Want to send back money home? You can make an international money transfer from your German account. Depending on where you want your money sent, you have different options to use for an international money transfer. 

Within the EU: SEPA Credit Transfer

Within the EU, including Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, a simple enough SEPA or an EU standard transfers, so that the amount to the bank account will be credited to the recipient. The forms are similar to those of a domestic transfer to be filled in the same way: receiver including bank account details, amount, purpose, and together with the bank account holder.

A SEPA transfer form translated into English is provided below for reference.

SEPA ueberweisung Form - Translated in English
SEPA €uro Überweisung Form – Translated in English


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  1. Hi,
    I need to find a bank in Germany where I can transfer money from A broad with minimum charges ,as I will be paying the transfer charges .
    In other word when the money hit my account in Germany ,thanks

  2. I need to change my widows pension to a different bank account. Can you provide me with the proper forms to do this?

    My e mail account is

    I would appreciate this very much, Thank you,

    Dolores Daubitz

  3. I am receiving a pension check every month from Germany, I need to change the bank to which it is being sent, could you send me the paper work to be able to do this.


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