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Targobank checking account

All terms at a glance

Account management:
Cost: 0 €  per month (or 5.90 €)
Conditions: from € 600 cash deposit
Current bonus offer:
EC-/Maestro: yes, free
Credit Card: Visa from 30 € / year
Credit interest daily allowance: 0.60% pa
Borrowing rate credit facility : 8.99%.
Website: www.targobank.de
Banking options: Online / Telephone / branch
Free Cash:  
Germany: Cash pool (2500 Auto)
“For comparison

The Online Targobank account

The Targobank part of the French banking group Credit Mutuel. Through its predecessor institutions, however, since the year 1920, the company has a presence in Germany. In Germany alone, the company has a total of over 300 bank branches in 240 cities. In addition, Targobank uses the modern distribution over the Internet. Again, sells Targobank their banking products that are aimed exclusively at private customers. spite of the large branch network Targobank is structured and organized so that they can offer their customers rates that rival those of direct banks in nothing. The traditional offerings Targobank include several types of checking accounts, which are aimed at different audiences. The current account with the name Best-account is presented in detail. The Targobank checking account is free guided, if the account holder has at Targobank a deposit of at least € 2,500. This is easy to achieve with Targobank because include savings deposits on a daily or fixed deposit accounts that are performed at the Targobank and balances on securities accounts to the credit.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Free account management Bank branch account at least €1000 (Plus account),  2,000 euros credit (Comfort account), 
  • Free account management Online Bank account from 600 € cash receipt (active account)
  • Free cash via ATMs all cash pool
  • Including money market account with currently 0.80 percent interest on credit balances
  • Financially dependent on request overdraft
  • Free cash card
  • Free securities account
  • Apply now online!

Customers who prefer to use only one bank for all their financial transactions for the sake of ease, Targobank is the right place. The account is used for the entire non-cash payments and as a reference account for the overnight account  or fixed term deposit account and also for the security trading deposit account. A deposit of at least € 2,000 on savings accounts allows then permanently free banking. All in all, the perfect Targobank a bank product, although the conditions were not the best of direct banks reaches, but offers the opportunity to seek advice in a retail bank.

Click here to open an Internet Targo Bank Account

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  1. I’m jagan parthasarathy from India doing my masters in Ingolstadt. I am a student and started working for a automotive company in augsburg. I would like to save my income in a separate account with no initial deposit conditions or charges. This might help me when I extend my visa to show the proof of my financial status how much I have in my account. Kindly revert me back.

    Thank you,

    Jagan Parthasarathy

    • Hi Jagan,

      Targobank is free for students and trainees, but you should have your students registration. Otherwise it is free if you have your monthly salary deposited there.

      For extending the Visa, it depends on the Beamter (Officer) at the Rathaus. For student Visa you would need to provide a blocked account, but for other visas (e.g. job search) you will just need to provide a statement from the bank. But I am not sure if Targobank provides a blocked account.

      You can look at other banks such as Postbank which provides both facilities and also free for students. If you presently have a monthly income, make use of it and look for banks which offer joining bonus, e.g. Netbank(€100 bonus + free account), DAB (€90 bonus + free account) which do not incur charges after you stop depositing after sometime. Targobank does.

      Good luck,

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am Kartono from Indonesia. I am living at Indonesia. My occupation is an online antique seller. I just follow an auction site at Netherlands (www.catawiki.com). And this site ask me to provide an Europe Bank account to accept my payment.

    My question is, can apply for an account by online (not visiting to Germany) ? If I can, can I replace my Postident with a notarized passport from the Germany embassy at my country ?

    I don’t need a credit card, I think it will be better if I use online banking to send my money to my bank account at Indonesia.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Kind regards,

  3. I used to be a customer of Citibank and just learnt that they were bought by TARGO. My question is: Could I have my payments BfA
    Rentenversicherung , paid directly into my account with you?
    Could I get access to my money via digital device

    Right now I have so many problems getting my money, it needs change. Please help.
    Karin Crosby, Florida, USA

    • Can I have my us retirement deposited to my targo bank at Germany. I am living in Germany. Like a direct deposit coming from United States

  4. Dear Targo Bank
    Im a costumer of Targo Bank now I m in the Philippine for long time is there a Bank where i can get Money via my Targo Bank V pay Card i ask in your Hamburg the Lady told me she dt no so i ask you kindly to answer me and where I can used the Card my account in your Bank v pay 0605391021 im thankful to you

    truly wolfgang Tempel

  5. Hello
    I have a Targo Bank account and would like to speak with someone on the phone in English. Could you please give me a contact number?

  6. Can I have my us retirement deposited to my targo bank at Germany. I am living in Germany. Like a direct deposit coming from United States

    • Unless there is any limitation by US government from paying pension abroad, you should be able to instruct your bank/agency paying your retirement to deposit it to your German bank account by giving them your bank account details (account number and SWIFT code). But please note that international transfers usually incur fees, and your paying bank might deduct those fees from your deposits. And there are also currency conversion costs, so be prepared to see a smaller amount being deposited into your account than you might have expected.

  7. I am Beat and i live in Germany. would like to get a quick loan to finance my intensive Germany course beginning September 3rd. what do i need to acquire a loan at Targo Bank. I a m working with minimum income salary.

  8. Hello i want to ask, why i cant make a internacional transaction with targo, i need to send money to another acount that isnt german, with targoapp and how can i pay trough internet because im having a several problems, for example with flights or bus tickets

    • Usually, the apps have limited functions, so try using online banking for international transfers (Überweisung or Auslandsüberweisung). Note that all Euro bank account with IBAN is a normal transfer using SEPA. International transfer using bank usually incur a high transaction cost (e.g., €20 with Targobank). So try services like transferwise, read more about international money transfer.

      To pay using the internet, it depends on the website you are making your purchase. If the website (usually German Airlines) offers SOFORT payment option, then you can pay using your bank account. Some EU/German websites also allow paying through EC-Karte (V-Pay or Maestro) debit card. You can also link your German bank account with Paypal and use that as an option. Otherwise, most international websites require a credit card. If you don’t have a credit card, check out these free credit cards.

  9. Hello,
    I am abdur rouf. I am masters student at university of Duisburg Essen. I am also working as a part time employee at Uni klinikum Essen and work 80 hours per month. I would Like to know as an International student, can I get for 5000 euro loan from Targo bank. Thanks a lot.

    Yours sincerely
    Abdur Rouf

  10. Hi there!

    So I have solid amount of cash and I’d like to know if it’s possible to put it in an account in Targo bank as soon as I open one. What are the conditions for a cash deposit? Which cash machines can be used, is there any fee and are there any daily or monthly limits?

    And I can not usually find any information about cash deposits in any bank I’ve been looking through, do you know any reasons? I am interested in a bank that can allow me to put cash on my account without any troubles and with as little fee as it possible. If you have a piece of advice, I’d be really grateful!

    Thank you in advance.

  11. Please I am from Ghana currently staying in Ghana and I want to have an account with your bank if you could assist me with the process. thanks

  12. I would like to ask in targo bank how much do you need to have in your account for one to be able to apply for a credit card


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