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The HypoVereinsbank checking account “HVB account online”

All terms at a glance

Account management:
Cost: 0 € a month
Current bonus offer: € 50 Bonus
EC-/Maestro: yes, free
Credit Card: Mastercard from 20 € / year
Credit interest daily allowance:
Disposable interest: 11.15% pa
Website: www.hypovereinsbank.de
Banking options: Online / Telephone / branch
Free Cash:  
Germany: Cash Group (9000 ATM’s)

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With the HVB account online, HypoVereinsbank offers its customers a free checking account that does not lack in any comfort. Costs are incurred only when a customer wants to make transactions through the branch instead of online banking.

Easy online banking in Germany and around 615 branches

With the HVB account online, customers can pay cash everywhere, both at home and abroad. At over 27,000 ATMs in 18 countries can be lifted free cash. The Bank operates in Germany over 600 branches in all major cities. The headquarters is located in Munich.

Determine your own HypoVereinsbank debit card design motive and pin

A real unique selling point is the offer is you can select the design motif of the debit card to your preferences from over 200 designs. To have a debit card with the city or if you are a football fan, debit card with FC Bayern Munich design to show your support! Numerous designs are available to choose from. Also, the PIN (Personal Identification Number) is arbitrary and can be changed as you wish (This is sometimes not possible with some German Banks). So that the customer keeps a really individualized card in hand.

The advantages at a glance

  • no account fees
  • no minimum content input
  • 50 EUR bonus at account opening
  • Free Online Banking
  • € 2.50 per domestic transfer by physical branch transfer
  • free cash card
  • free MasterCard if usage is more than €6,000 in annual sales – otherwise a standard annual price: 20 €
  • Own HVB Mobile B@nking app for your smartphone

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15 thoughts on “HypoVereinsbank”

  1. Hi,

    I’m intending to open a current account in the HypoVereinsbank and I would like to know if those conditions and advantages listed above are applicable only for the “Online checking account” or for a normal current one as well.

    One more thing is that i don’t speak perfect german so do you offer the online banking in english as well?

    Thanks in advance for your help..

    • Hi Brandon,

      First off, I do not represent the bank, this website it for information only and all the information are my own views.

      Having said that, the above conditions and advantages are for Online Checking Account, I will update the page to include the normal Checking account as well.

      In short, for the normal checking account “HVB Konto Klassik” there will be no joining bonus, and you will have a monthly maintenance fees of €5.90 unless you maintain a quarterly balance of €1500.

      But you will of course be able to use the bank branch, unlike the online account where you will have to pay fees for using the service at a branch. English details of Classic Current account can be found here.

      I opened a bank account with HVB when I first came to Germany, they have a friendly staff and opening an account was easy, and since I was a student then, I got a free bank account, I still maintain a bank account there and would recommend it. Though it does not provide online banking webpage in English, you can use Google Chrome and translate the webpage (not Google Translate) for the first few times till you get a hang of it. I have used it and the page is still secure signed, so I did not have to worry about security.

      If you are concerned about maintaining a high quarterly balance but still want to have a normal current account with a branch, you can check out other banks (listed with increasing order of minimum monthly deposit) like

      Postbank : free with monthly salary deposit of €1000 + €50 gift card as joining bonus + Free Visa card
      Targobank : free with monthly deposit of €1000 for Branch account
      Commerzbank : Free with monthly deposit of €1200 + €50 as joining bonus

      Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions

  2. I have an a/c but all the statemens info is in German even though I do understand. I regularly receive a statement from Hypoveriensbank in UK from their M-Ramersdaorf branch but the branch address does not show on their website ! I can’t even contact them as the phone number on their statement does not appear to be correct. You should look for a bank which clearly has an english website!

  3. I need to pay in some money to a German company via “Western Union” however I need your “bank code” to process the payment.

    The company to which the payment is to be made is Schock GmbH in Regen which is a customer of yours, can you please advise me so that the payment can made.
    Thank you

  4. can u help with current contact ph # of hypovereinsbank on Munchen airport
    I keep trying to contact at 89 970516662 but nobody pick up not even answearing machine service

  5. Hi I am Barnabas Iruf Gidingo

    I would like to open my account with HypoVereinsbank could you please send me your application form for me to complete. Thank you

  6. Hi I am Pratik Wasule from India

    I would like to know that there is any charges on incoming transection for education money?
    And actually I sent money to uni assist for documents handling fees but unfortunately they received less amount so please help me with this doubt.
    The money transection sent to your bank only

  7. Hello my dear I am from Pakistan and I got your e mail address from the website of bank on the internet. I want to open a U S dollar account in your bank. So tell me that in how much amount your bank opens a dollar account and what is the interest rate of your bank in U S dollar account. After the opening of account I will transfer some amount in my account so tell me the complete procedure and information. I will operate this account from Pakistan.
    With best regards
    Shehzad hanif

  8. Hi Dear Miss/mr
    I’m old costumer of Hypo banks. I have some questions from accounts section. But i Don’t have Email Addresses. Pls send me Email add to my Email. I’m waiting for your answer.
    Thanks &best regards.
    Alireza Rahmati.

  9. I have been attempting to close my account with HypoVereinsbank for over three years. I have sent letters and spoken to bank representatives with no result. Please advise how I can close my account.


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