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Wanted an option where you can use your credit card to obtain instant loan of upto €15,000 at a low interest rate and long payback term? Try easyCredit credit card, the only Credit Card with integrated Loan option.

Easycredit is a financial institution which provide credit cards as well as credit loans. You can use your credit card to obtain easy loans when required and which can be which can be paid off in easy installments. Therefore, it acts as an integrated loan instrument with a relatively lower interest rate of 7.00% to 11% (depending on the amount and duration of payment) instead of the high interest rates charged by credit card companies.

Unlike other credit cards the easy credit-card offers a flexible installment loan on demand. This advantage can be automatically activated if the personal activation value has been exceeded. The loan may be repaid in equal monthly installments for a term as long as 60 months.

With sufficient credit you also get an easy credit card gold.


  • Credit card with installment loan option to 15,000 €
  • Bonus points for credit card sales
  • Credit may also be paid to the current account
  • Comparatively nominal interest rates low


  • Installment loan is automatically repaid in 60 monthly installments
  • Special payments for installment loan only from 500 € possible

The easy credit card of the Team Bank AG is a combination of classic credit card (Visa) and a flexibly usable credit limit of 1,000 up to 15,000 euros. The customer can pay quite normal at home and abroad with this card. The special thing is now that one can define a so-called activation value. This indicates which is from monthly credit card sales the amount is not more fully debited from the account, but converted into an installment loan. This is then repaid in 60 equal monthly installments high, but each time (from 500 €) the possibility of a special repayment.

Now, Credit cards with payment function nothing revolutionary, as many banks offer their customers this option. However, the easy credit card offers also the possibility to seek an amount to pay directly to his account. For this, the customer must report only at EasyCredit phone and share its loan request. This loan also, as the credit card transactions above the activation value, repaid in 60 monthly installments. Also the increase of a loan at any time, but of course only up to the amount of the credit facility granted.

Here all product details at a glance:

  • 19,90 € annual fee
  • 3 years term (Extended after checking credit score again)
  • Including flexible installment loan:
  • Credit line up to €15,000 EUR
  • Up to 60 months loan term duration
  • Unscheduled loan facility at any time
  • Including an attractive bonus program:
  • 0.5 points for every euro (for easy credit card Gold 1 point per euro)
  • 100 points equals 1.00 euros
  • at first use of the credit limit: 25, – Euro (easy credit-card gold 50, – EUR)

Overall, easy credit card is a product with fair conditions. It provides much more flexibility than a regular credit card with payment function, with its annual price of 19.90 euros but not more expensive than comparable cards – for a gold credit card , the price is actually very low. Positive is the fact that for the retrieval of a loan no processing fees are calculated and that the interest rate during the repayment period remains constant.

Financial constraints can thus be easily overcome and you can also meet even the occasional spontaneous wish. Even if you do not want to use the credit margin, the purchase should be with the easy credit card. For every euro 0.5 Bonus points will be credited (or 1 bonus point in the easy credit-card gold), with 1 bonus point equals one cent. Despite all the advantages you should always do before a major purchase, but the trouble to compare his individual, depending on credit standing interest of his easy credit card with the terms of other credit institutions.

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General Info

Product Name: EasyCredit – easy credit card gold
Credit card company Visa Card
Card Type: flexible repayment , monthly billing
Premium Card: Gold
Checking account including: no
Number of terminals : 33,000,000
Eligibility : employees , self-employed , professionals , civil servants

Card fees

Basic fee in the first Year : 19,90 €
Basic fee in the second Year : 19,90 €

Transaction fee when paying by card

Euro area: free
Other countries : 1.50%
Daily limit : Nil

Transaction fees for cash withdrawals

Domestic: 2.00% ( at least 5.00 € )
Euro area: 2.00% ( at least 5.00 € )
Other Countries: 2.00% (minimum 5.00 € )
Daily limit for cash withdrawals (abroad): no limit


Nominal interest rate: 8.19%

Included Discounts
Bonus Point System

Hotlines for card blocking

Domestically : 06979331910
Abroad : 004906979331910

Overview of fees

Basic fees
Fee 1 Year € 19.90
Basic fee 2 Year € 19.90
Basic fee Partner Card 1 Year – €
Basic fee partner card 2 Year – €
Note to basic fees 2.00% of sales, at least € 5.00
Fees for card use
Cash at home 2.00% of sales, at least € 5.00
Cash in EURO abroad 2.00% of sales, at least € 5.00
Cash in foreign currency abroad (eg USA) 1.50% of sales
Cashless payments in the euro area 0.00%
Cashless payments outside the euro area 1.50% of sales
Interest on deposits 0.00%
Borrowing rates for partial payment 8.19%

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  1. I have a residence permit that elapses in 2023.i intend to take an immediate credit for business investment. Is it possible to take credit from easy credit and pay by installment within this period of time?

  2. Easy credit should pls clear my loan have paid you guys already I don’t want embrassment of sending messages to my contact update the app and remove it there have paid you guys
    It’s looking like a scam already ooo


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