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Postbank checking account

All terms at a glance

Account management:
Cost: 0 € (5.90 €) per month
Conditions: monthly salary input of €3000
Current bonus offer:
EC-/Maestro: yes, free
Credit Card: Visa, Free ()
Credit interest daily allowance: 0.25% pa
Borrowing rate credit facility : 12.30% pa
Banking options: Online / Telephone / branch
Free Cash:
Germany: Cash Group (9000 Auto)
Abroad: free with VISA
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The Postbank Giro Plus

In 1989, the so-called post-structural law of Postbank has paved the way to independence. After the merger with Deutsche Postbank of the former GDR, the company Postbank, which is now also listed on the stock market took off. Meanwhile, Postbank AG is the largest bank when it comes to dealing with checking or current account. At Postbank, the customer has the choice between different types of checking accounts, one of which Postbank Giro card is presented. A current checking account in addition to the attractive interest rate providing money market account also holds a free securities trading account and a free Visa card for the first year.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Checking account with a money market account
  • Free banking with monthly salary input of €1000
  • An optional free securities account
  • Free to withdraw cash at over 9,000 ATMs Cash Group, in more than 850 Postbank Finance Centers and in many branches of Deutsche Post
  • Free withdrawal with the credit card at home and abroad
  • Upon request and with appropriate credit overdraft
  • Apply online NOW!

However, linked to the account management to the mentioned benefits  is a conditions such as a monthly salary of non-cash input. If there is no deposit, there will be an account management costs 5.90 euros a month. The money market account currently bears 0.25%pa  interest from the first euro . Visa card and Postbank Card (for the partner) are free. The overdraft costs is 12.30 percent per year. For the establishment of the credit facility and the issuance of a Visa card, the customer must provide proof of income for the last three months at Postbank.

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  1. I would like to open an account but I am not registered here as I live most of the time in the U.K but would like to also have a bank account for when i am in Germany

  2. In order to meet the “monthly salary input of €1000” can I setup some personal monthly SEPA transfers from my bank account (in Spain) to the Postbank account?

    (I’m doing this between 2 banks in Spain at the moment).

  3. I have had an account since 2002 but now Postbank take money out of my account every month. I do not live in Germany and so I cannot put 1000 euros in every month. I find it most upsetting that this money, left to me by my German grandfather, is being reduced by Postbank who make enough profits without taking money from my little account. I want to know how I can close the account and remove the remaining money before it all goes. I need to do this in UK – please reply with details of how I can take out my money, very reluctantly, from Germany.

  4. I want to open acount in post bank.. i am student in Kassel university what are the charges for opening and for transaction..

    • I requested open a new saving account through online by email and I got reply below

      Reference: NBX3/05/021FX.
      Dear Valued Customer/Applicant (Uthayakumar Murugaiah).

      Dear Sir,

      You have to follow procedures by filling and submitting the application form,only then we can provide you with our municipal account details responsible for collecting initial opening deposit.

      Warmest Regards,
      Lukas Moritz.
      Account Officer.
      (Post Bank).

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  6. Hello, I recently received a letter re Nachweis zum Steurstatus and two of the same forms: Erklarung zum Steuerstatus. I lived for a few years in Germany apx 30 years ago. I’ve also not visited there or Europe for 10+ years. I in the US, my native land and was not aware I still had a postbank account which, if existing, I would like closed and any money therein relinquished or donated as the Postbank chooses. Please advise how this can be done. Please know the Postbank letters with the Erklarung form, dated July, I did not receive until recently as I was not in my home much of 2021 due to medical matters. I called the consulate in NYC who suggested I write my wish to close the account. Thank you, and I look forward to your reply. I apologize I write this in English.


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