Co-Branded Credit Cards in Germany

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Co-branded credit cards are a mutual partnership between a merchant and a credit card issuer. On one hand, these function like a regular credit card, but also offers the customers added consumer benefits from the merchant, such as loyalty points, discounts, added service etc. If you are a regular customer of one of the products, it may at times be advantageous to use a co-branded credit card.

Below is a list of different Co-branded credit cards in Germany.

1. ADAC Credit Card

This Co-branded credit card is between the ADAC and Visa (or MasterCard on request). ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.) is an automobile club in Germany with almost 18 million members. It provides emergency breakdown and repair services for car owners in Germany and Europe. The ADAC credit card is available only for ADAC members and available as ADAC Silver and Gold Credit cards

Advantages of the ADAC co-branded credit cards are

  • Function as ADAC membership card
  • 2% or 3% discount on fuel worldwide on purchases up to € 2,500 per calendar year
  • 25 € discount when making an ADAC car rental abroad (minimum stay of 5 days)
  • Free transactions worldwide, i.e. no foreign transaction charges
  • 0.25% pa interest rate on the credit card account

Apply for ADAC Silver or ADAC Gold

 2.  Lufthansa Miles and More Credit Card

If you are a frequent flyer with the German carrier Lufthansa, this credit card is for you. Do not miss any chance to In addition to allowing to earn miles on your purchases, it also gives you bonus miles as joining bonus. There are a number of credit cards to select from, Miles and More Blue or Miles and More Gold.

Advantages of Miles and more co-branded credit card are

  • Earn upto 10,000 Bonus Miles Welcome Bonus for new customerslufthansa-miles-u-more.jpg
  • 1 (upto 3) award mile for 1 Euro card transaction
  • Earn 0.90% interest on your deposits to credit card account
  • Avis Rental offers
  • Welcome Discount at the Lufthansa World Shop

Check here for more information about Blue Credit card and Gold Credit card

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