What is a Maestro card?

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The previously known ec-cards are actually completely removed from the name and history. The Maestro card is now a way to use the debit card system. The functioning of the new Girocard is compared to the historic ec-card (ec is not available for EUR checks, but electronic cash) to the extent the same for the consumer.

Maestro – the system of debit MasterCard

To achieve a longer range, the ec-cards were added from 1998 to the functions or performance of Maestro, a Mastercard debit card system. This ultimately was the name ec-/Maestro card, because it combines both the functionality of electronic cash and Maestro. Thanks Maestro since the card can also be used abroad. Currently, there are approximately eleven million acceptance locations worldwide, mostly in Europe. Nevertheless: To be on the safe side, should also be a credit card in their baggage when traveling abroad alongside the Maestro card.

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