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Wüstenrot Top Giro

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Account management:
Cost: 0 € a month
Current bonus offer:
EC-/Maestro: yes, free
Credit Card: VISA free
Credit interest daily allowance: 0.50% pa
Borrowing rate credit facility : 11.30% pa
Website: www.wuestenrot.de
Banking options: Online / Telephone
Free Cash:
Germany: Cash pool (2500 Auto)
Abroad: 24 x per year


The Wüstenrot Top Giro Account

The famous Wüstenrot building society offers and its direct Wüstenrot directly since a few years several interesting financial products for private clients. In addition to the comfort and the favorable terms of the clients particularly appreciate the reliability and safety of Wüstenrot. In particular, the course covers the products overnight, fixed deposits and current account. As a German bank applies the statutory German deposit insurance. In addition, through membership in the deposit insurance fund of private banks and belonging to the Bank Association of Baden-Wuerttemberg additional collateral available. Completely free of charge and no minimum input’s current account at Wüstenrot direct is fortunately completely free and there are no conditions that must be met. For example, many banks require a minimum monthly salary input or an input to the account. This is completely eliminated with the Wüstenrot directly, so the current account is also good as a second account or similar account for additional rent to use. withdraw cash free in Germany and worldwide over the cash pool Wüstenrot direct line customers can use more than 2,500 machines in Germany charged. It is also possible with the ‘free visa credit card free world to draw up to 24 times in cash. The offer is not limited to the €uro zone, but also applies to cash withdrawals outside the euro zone. The next holiday in Croatia, England or the United States must start with high fees on the first ATM so not necessarily.

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  1. Guten Tag. Ich bin ein russischer Staatsbürger, habe aber eine Aufenthaltserlaubnis und lebe in Deutschland. Kann ich bei Ihnen ein Bankkonto eröffnen?


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