PIN / TAN system

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Security for online banking over everything. For banks, that is, in the first place: Prevent others from accessing accounts. While the employees check in the stores based on the bank card and passport, whom they have the right to leave and approve each transaction by signing it online requires different mechanisms. Enforced has it the so-called PIN / TAN system. The personal identification number (PIN), the door opens and the transaction number (TAN) replaces the signature.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

In order to ever get access to banking portal, two pieces of information are required: the account or customer number and PIN, or a client password. The PIN takes on the role of quasi doorman. Customize account and identification number together, the door remains closed. If you try it several times and are always a wrong PIN, push some banks in addition a stop to. Then goes without consultation with the bank nothing. Only when the personal identification number is correct, it goes one step further. The PIN is provided by opening the account. Direct and branch banks send the PIN number on that in a separate letter. In part, the personal identification number can later change so that you can better remember the sequence of digits.

Transaction numbers (TAN)

On the sides of the bank are then available to users on any path. However, they are provided with an additional safety lock. Whether a transfer executed, set up a standing order, made a change or the address is to be changed: Each transaction must be confirmed with a transaction number, a multi-digit number code. In the early days, the banks worked with TAN blocks with 50 or 100 transaction numbers. Where: Each number may only be used once and then loses its validity. Meanwhile, the TAN method has been improved several times. The TAN were numbered. Instead of having to select any transaction code to the bank stipulates explicitly that must be entered TAN. This is especially the phishing of finishing off to be made. Even more safety promise electronically calculated transaction numbers for a TAN generator is needed, and TAN, will be sent by SMS.


The PIN / TAN system, however, is only safe if the customers to play by the rules. The personal identification number must not be publicly accessible and, for example, lying on the desk. The same applies to the TAN. PIN and transaction numbers should always be sepa

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