HBCI method

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HBCI stands for Home Banking Computer Interface, and is currently considered as the safest method for online banking. Instead of a personal identification number (PIN), transaction number (TAN) and the online portal for the bank customers need tailored to the HBCI method software, a card reader and a smart card. HBCI like acts as an interface that connects the system with the bank of the customer. The advantage HBCI or FinTS (Financial Transaction Services) as a further development are open standards that are not tied to a single bank.

A brief history HBCI

The idea that bank customers are not using single bank portals, but a central interface through which all possible coordinated bank and can be managed, is a little older. Here is an overview of the changes:

  • 1995: The banks, which have developed the HBCI methods, conduct initial trials.
  • 1996: The Central Credit Committee (CCC) and has decided the new home banking standard.
  • 1998 HBCI is now available in version 2.01, and is ready for practice.

How it works HBCI

Customers who want to work with HBCI, have a chip on their bank card application (if the HBCI bank offers). The customer data and the personal identification number are stored encrypted on the card. Instead of having to manually enter the PIN to log on to the bank, the data is read. Therefore, a reader for HBCI requirement. This apparatus and the software will work with any HBCI-enabled bank account and make the process multi-bank capability. Only for the individual bank’s own smart card must be present in each case.

What is the cost HBCI?

The HBCI procedure itself is free. However, most banks charge a one time fee for the smart card. Moreover, in a card reader and the software needs to be invested. It should not be saved, eventually it comes to safety as well as comfort and some online banking.


Why HBCI is considered safe, is relatively easy to explain: Since neither a PIN or transaction numbers to be entered, but the data is exchanged directly with the bank about the card and the reader, viruses and key loggers have no chance, as fraud, the based on pharming or phishing. This only applies if the bank when HBCI method works with the card and reader. Will continue to access required standard of safety is not as high, but still perfectly adequate. To refrain entirely from PIN and TAN, you should think twice anyway: Finally, PC, card reader and smart card are not always and everywhere at hand.

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