Different options for Internet banking in Germany

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Almost to access the checking account anywhere, anytime, is no longer a wishful thinking, but one of the pleasures of a largely mechanized world. Whether it is rather a blessing or a curse to be able to manage the financial affairs even in his pants pocket, is another question. The possibility exists anyway. On the whole, bank customers have three options to gain an overview, make reservations or reallocate the vault: the website of the bank or financial software applications, known as apps, for smart and iPhones.

Banks website

The classic and most important access route to the consumer online banking is the website of the financial institution. Sign in with by customer or account number and personal identification number to open the portals. Usually they offer on the home page an overview of the products and list the account respectively depot stands on. From here you can then call and initiate transactions from the transfer, fund the purchase different areas of the portal. In this regard, each bank uses its own system. For savers, the customer are the same at several banks, this means that you need to remember a lot of numbers and work into each portal. This is the classic online banking very safe and very comfortable solved in most companies.

Applications for mobile phones

Although one could also easily access the sites with any smart phone to take a look at the finances. Since the portals but are generally designed for large monitors, the banks have provided for replacement. Many companies offer their customers free applications that simply need to be loaded only on the iPhone or smartphone. Are the apps called open specially developed for the mobile Internet portals, such as requiring the “big brothers” in a log. The functionality varies from bank to bank. Make sense of the applications but usually only when really a transfer must be carried out urgently, you travel a lot and did not have a notebook on hand or for users who are constantly in terms of securities must be up to date in order to react in due time .

Banking software

Option number three in online banking is developed for this purpose financial software. The programs are offered by several manufacturers, but have enforced a few fee-based products. Sometimes banks offer their customers more favorable or completely free licenses if they opt for the method HBCI (Home Banking Computer Interface). This variant is regarded as currently the safest banking method. Users of the software will also benefit from uniform masks, which are the same for each bank – that is ideal for customers who have the money account at Bank A, the current account at Bank B and Bank C at the depot.

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