GenialCard Offer – €10 cashback for free Credit card

Apply for a free GenialCard from Hanseatic bank during the GenialCard offer period by 31 May 2014 and all new customers will get €10 cashback if the card is used before .

GenialCredit card is a free credit card with instant online approval in Germany with lot of advantages.

  • Instant online approval – Do not wait long for a decision! You will receive immediate feedback once you have submitted the credit card application online. You can also get a initial personal credit limit up to 2.500 €.
  • Transfers to your checking account – Allows cash transfer to your checking account from your credit card.
  • No annual fee for your main card – Permanently free
  • Flexible repayment – Can be changed each time! Let us know if you (at least 20, – €) the outstanding amount in full each month in one lump sum or rather pay back in 3% installments.
  • up to 15% online cash back at over 300 reputable online stores (eg: OTTO, Esprit, S.Oliver)
  • 5% discount for booking travel (holiday packages, vacation rentals, cruises and rental cars) by “Holiday Plus”
  • maximum credit amount up to 25,000 €
  • increased safety with EMV chip technology

Check instantly if you qualify for a GenialCard

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