All day weekend 2 May 2014 to 5th May 2014

Happy hour runs continuously from Friday, 02.05. 2014 (From 15:00 clock) to Monday, 05.05. 2014 (until 10:00 clock).

When opening a bank account during the Postbank Happyhour April 2014 promotion period, the bank offers its customers with added benefits.

Happy Hour benefit for all new customers include

  • 100 € starting balance
  • Free checking account –  For all first-time customers aged 22 and above, a paperless salary account or pension account, regardless of the amount of the monthly receipt.
  • Permanently free VISA Card  : Postbank VISA Card is permanently free of charge on opening a  Postbank Giro plus within the Happy Hour as long as you have the checking account.
  • Foreign cash withdraws without charges : Worldwide, charge-free cash available for withdrawals in euros using VISA Card or 1.85% for other currencies.
  • For other benefits, check out the page here

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to open a Postbank bank account online along with screenshots.

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