Win iPhone 5c when appling for Free Advanzia Mastercard in Germany

Ever wanted a lifetime free credit card in Germany, with no transaction fees and no currency conversion charges and free travel insurance? Free Advanzia Mastercard provides a lifetime free free credit card in Germany with no transaction fees worldwide and  no currency conversion charges with comprehensive travel insurance package. For more details about Advanzia Mastercard free credit card in Germany click here.

Win iPhone 5c

All new clients who apply for a lifetime free MasterCard Gold before 31 March 2014 and use it before 30 April 2014 will be automatically entered in the contest and have the chance to win one of ten iPhone 5c phone.

Advantages of Free Advanzia Mastercard:

  • No annual renewal fee –  Lifetime free
  • No monthly minimum spending limit 
  • Free cash withdrawal world-wide 
  • 0% foreign transaction fee 
  • No currency conversion fee when converting into foreign currencies from euros 
  • Interest Free credit for 7 weeks
  • Accepted in 32 million locations worldwide 
  • 5% Cashback on travel tickets with best price guarantee 
  • Free Comprehensive travel insurance: 
  • Free Travel Liability Insurance 
  • Free Travel health insurance 
  • Free baggage insurance 
  • Free Travel insurance 
  • Free Travel Accident Insurance 
  • Free travel insurance package with travel bookings through the Annuity free MasterCard Gold 

Click here to apply for Free Advanzia Mastercard  – lifetime free credit card in Germany

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