How to block a ATM card in Germany?

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If the ATM card is lost or stolen, quick action is essential. This means that the card must be closed immediately. This is particularly important, since the new rules came into force on banking transactions in November 2009. Since then, the customer is liable for misuse of card with up to 150 euros. The liability takes from the moment of the loss to the card lock. Only then, the Bank has an obligation. Protect consumers commonly speak of a deterioration in the terms and conditions. Bank customers can therefore only be advised, no time to lose if the ATM card is no longer in place.

Card block

Ways to revoke the ATM card, there are several. Ideally, one will intervene directly in the bank branch or displays the clerks loss respectively theft of the card by phone. This is not possible because the card has lost touch on a weekend or after business hours, then the only solution via telephone hotlines. The central barrier for ec card number is 01805 / 021021st Here, reports a computer language that the necessary data – concerning mainly account number and sort code. The call is chargeable. Alternatively, particularly for customers savings and cooperative banks (local cooperative banks), the 116 116 available. The card lock is passed in both systems to the relevant bank.


  • Regardless of which way the card is blocked, experts advise to record  the date, time, and possibly the contact person when blocking.
  • Consumers should check with their local bank, which blocked number applies to them. Many banks have their own service center, block a ATM card immediately.
  • The card should always be treated like cash and account should be blocked 

Lock Card and Account

Despite prompt card lock remains a problem: scammers can continue shopping with the card and ensure damage. It makes possible the direct debit method in which instead of a personal identification number (PIN), only one signature is required. The card readers are not linked to central computers of banks. In addition, many businesses control the signature only fleetingly. To prevent this, remains only an account lockout. This, however, also other payments would be blocked and the personal finances would largely stalled. Who would not go as far as the bank statements must be examined closely. Once payments arise that can not be assigned or which were not made, objection must be filed with the Bank.