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DAB bank checking account

All terms at a glance

Account management:
Cost: Free
Current bonus offer: € 50 joining bonus
EC-/Maestro: yes, free
Credit Card: yes, free Mastercard Classic
Credit interest daily allowance: 0.50% pa
Borrowing rate credit facility: 7.50% pa
Website: www.dab-bank.de
Banking options: online
Free Cash:
Germany: Cash Group (9000 Auto)
Abroad: free world
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The DAB bank checking account

DAB bank was founded in spring 1994 and five years later was already listed as a public company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The established company is headquartered in Munich, offering its customers innovative products at unbeatable prices and excellent services to. DAB bank AG is Germany’s first discount broker. The company provides its customers with a direct bank branch network without a full range of services related to building and securing of assets with the help of available securities. With its promising product solutions they are investors, savers, and many traders adequate funds on hand, so that they achieve their goals better.

Free Account for Self-employed and Freelancers

This is one of the very few banks which provide free business account for freelancers and Self-employed.

Worry-free and low interest rate on credit for all salaried employes

The current account of the DAB bank offers all the benefits that you could want from a modern direct banking. The account management fees is “without ifs and buts”, that is, there is no minimum required input or similar. The current account package also a free credit card is included for free cash withdrawal. For special interest is the extremely low overdraft credit interest rate (credit score and regular deposits required). Employees with the salary paid direclty to the DAB bank can avail overdraft credit facility for only 7.50% interest per annum.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Freedom and flexibility through free banking, also for self-employed as business account
  • Includes free ec-/Maestro card used as a debit card
  • Free Mastercard Classic
  • Withdraw free cash abroad with MasterCard
  • Free cash at more than 9,000 ATMs in Germany
  • Overdraft on demand (credit ratings) with only 7.50 percent interest per annum
  • Apply now online!

Checking account with Online Security trading account (Depotkonto)

A checking account which makes possible to do online securities trading in parallel . All standing orders and remittances are listed free of charge. It is a perfect offer for customers who need more than just a simple checking account. Those who simply want to take advantage of this can get everything at a discount price from a single source. Once logged in you can continue with online banking or securities trading without the needs to change between different providers.

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